A Simple Guide to Starting a Business Blog

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Believe it or not, starting a blog can attract 55% more visitors to your website. 

Becoming a blogger has many benefits. You can work from anywhere, learn new things, and establish expertise in a field. And many bloggers are surprised at how much business they can attract just from talking about the things they love.

Yet how do you make your business blog profitable? Are there important topics you need to be covering?

Let’s take a look.

Decide on an Audience

There are lots of folks out there looking for the information you can give them. They may also use your blog as a place to network with like-minded professionals who could draw more business to their websites.

Before starting a blog, make sure you narrow down your audience and know exactly who you’re trying to attract.

For example, are your customers primarily from a certain age bracket or socio-economic group? Are they business owners themselves? Would they benefit from at-home services or family-friendly topics?

You won’t want to waste your time looking for customers who won’t be interested in the products or services you’re offering. Make sure you know who you’re speaking to before you begin writing.

Come Up With Great Topics

When you begin your blog, it’s important to have interesting topics to write about. Maybe you know everything about unclogging drains or teaching a child to ride a bike. Many individuals are searching the internet for information on solving everyday problems.

You may also be able to provide a unique spin on topics you have experience with. For example, maybe you know a great beauty routine for working moms or know how to change a tire in less than ten minutes. The right topic will drive lots of folks to your site who ordinarily wouldn’t be searching for you.

Another great way to come up with interesting topics is to write down all of the questions customers have been asking you. Are you hearing common themes or concerns? Chances are, you’ve found a topic that a lot of people would like a short, readable guide about.


Blogging for your business is great, but only when it’s helping you get more leads and sales. Make sure you’re checking your blog’s views and engagement often to see how different topics are doing.

It also helps to plan out when you’re going to post certain content. You may want to focus on a few key blog items each month. They may center around holidays or the weather, but it helps to stay relevant to the things that are foremost on your target audience’s mind.

Making the Most of Your Business Blog

The right business blog will be unique and informative, as well as drive lots of business to your site. With the right topics and the right writing style, you could be reaping the rewards of your blog in no time.

Don’t stop getting smart about business and lifestyle now. For more great ideas, read our blog today. 

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