How to throw a Harry Potter-themed birthday party

Any parent or young adult growing up in the nineties will be familiar with Harry Potter. Taking the world by storm, J.K Rowling’s creations soon became one of the most popular children’s novels (and subsequently films!) to ever exist. 

But why is Harry Potter so popular? As well as charming characters and twisting plotlines, the wizarding world of Harry Potter provided some much-needed escapism to many children and families across the world. 

If you, like many others, are encapsulated by Harry Potter, we’ve created a guide to throwing a magical Harry Potter-themed birthday bash.

Think about the invites 

To emulate the Harry Potter style for the invites, why not get creative? If you’re brave enough, a green pen and some teabags can help replicate a Hogwarts invitation. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to create a ‘howler’ yourself though…

If you’re short on time, you can find some great Harry Potter-inspired invites on Pinterest.  

Carefully plan your food and drink

If you’re throwing a Potter-themed party, you’ll need to consider the snacks. As well as some more intriguing options like every flavour beans and butterbeer, you’ll need some snacks that are suitable for even the fussiest of eaters

Whether you choose to recreate the Honeydukes sweet shop counter, bake some ‘Aragog cupcakes’ using muffins, sprinkles and shoelaces or opt for a Hagrid-esque rock cake – you’ll be sure to please everyone. 

As well as some themed items, you may also wish to consider some wholesome party food to avoid a sugar crash!  

Transform your home with themed decorations

Now for the fun part. Before your guests arrive, make sure to rig your home with an array of Harry Potter-themed decorations! Although floating candles may be a health and safety risk, you can still be creative. By using green, blue, yellow, and red colour schemes, you can replicate the house colours and bring the wizarding world to your front room. 

To really go all out, you could even get a selection of broomsticks and round glasses to get your guests in the mood for magic. Just make sure to make sure to leave enough space for presents and birthday cards though. 

Get your games ready

No party is complete without games! If ‘pin the glasses on Harry Potter’ isn’t to your taste, why not put your Harry Potter knowledge to the test with a fun-themed quiz? If space allows, you could also set up a short game of Quidditch. 

If all else fails, simply put on your favourite Harry Potter film and let your guests escape to the wonderful wizarding world. If you’re not sure which one to pick, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two was the most popular at the box office

Final thoughts… 

As well as ensuring you have all the required paraphernalia and snacks, the most important thing is having fun and escaping to the wizarding world. Have you planned your party yet? 

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