Who are John Legend’s parents?

HOLLYWOOD star John Legend often boasts about his music and family life on social media. 

The dad-of-two has spoken about rebuilding his connection with his mom Phyllis through the years.

John Legend and his mom Phyllis StephensCredit: Getty

Who are John Legend’s parents?

John Roger Stephens, whose stage name is John Legend, is the son of Phyllis and Ronald Stephens. 

The 42-year-old grew up in a divorced home in Ohio but his parents reconciled 12 years later.

They ultimately split up again and Ronald remarried a woman named Deidre Hamlar.

Legend's father Ronald Stephens was a factory worker in Ohio

Legend’s father Ronald Stephens was a factory worker in OhioCredit: Getty

Ronald was a factory worker at International Harvester and an amateur drummer.

His mom Phyllis was a seamstress and award-winning quilt maker and a singer for their church choir.

Currently, Ronald is a business owner of a hat company called Pop Topz.

What did John Legend say about his mom?

Legend opened up about his strained relationship with his mom back in 2019 to Radar Online. 

Phyllis reportedly spent time in jail as Legend was growing up and was arrested various times for theft, drug abuse, and soliciting.

The singer penned an essay for Time about his mother’s absence in his life, writing: “As a teenager growing up in Ohio, I watched my mother disappear into more than a decade of drugs and despair after my maternal grandmother … died.

“My mother’s addiction didn’t just tear her life apart; it tore me and the rest of our family apart, too. 

He continued: “Drug addiction, for anyone who doubts it, is a serious problem, and our society is right to want to tackle it. 

Legend and Phyllis had a strained relationship as he was growing up

Legend and Phyllis had a strained relationship as he was growing upCredit: Getty

“But we’ve been going about it wrong. 

Adding: “My mother didn’t need punishment; she needed help. Criminalizing drug abuse only further shatters people and families that are already in pieces.”

Legend told People magazine that the relationship between him and his mom is on the mend and spends time with her grandchildren.

“My mom spends a lot of time with the kids, and she loves coming to visit me at The Voice too,” he said. 

“We’re really close now partially because of the kids. […] But you have to do some forgiving too, when you’re older. We’re in a really good place now.”

How many children do John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have?

The couple are parents to Luna, 5, and Miles Stephens, 3.

In August 2020 they confirmed they were expecting a third child, Jack.

Tragically, Teigen announced that the couple had lost the little boy.

She shared the news on the evening of Wednesday, September 30, and posted heart-rending black and white photos of her grieving at the hospital.

Inside Chrissy Teigen’s extravagant kids tea party for Luna and Miles with hubby John Legend as the tea pourer


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