Zoom masturbator Jeffrey Toobin parties with CNN staffers just days after awkward return from scandal

JEFFREY Toobin was spotted out with his CNN friends on Tuesday night, just a week after he returned to the station after a months-long absence following his Zoom incident.

Toobin was spotted at a New York City party with colleagues from the network, which he just joined after nearly an eight-month-long leave of absence following a Zoom call in which he exposed himself while masturbating.

Jeffrey Toobin was spotted partying with his fellow CNN colleagues

“Toobin isn’t just on CNN’s airwaves again — he was out mixing and mingling with his colleagues Tuesday night,” reported Politico Playbook on Wednesday.

The columnist was fired by The New Yorker following his masterbating incident, but CNN had just allowed him back on at the network, where he served as a legal analyst since 2002.

While on CNN, Toobin explained himself to colleague Alisyn Camerota, with Toobin apologizing and saying he’s learned his lesson.

On June 10, 2021, Toobin made his first CNN appearance since the scandal and admitted he “wasn’t thinking.”

He explained his actions upon his return to the network about a week ago

He explained his actions upon his return to the network about a week agoCredit: CNN

“It’s in the past, people have moved on,” Toobin told Politico. 

The sentiment registered with his fellow CNN hosts and anchors, all of whom welcomed him with open arms.

Toobin accompanied CNN hosts and anchors Brian Stelter, Kate Bolduan, John Avlon, Ana Cabrera, Poppy Harlow, Christine Romans, Donie O’Sullivan, and Victor Blackwell at the party, according to Politico.

Also there were CNN executives Andrew Morse and Ken Jautz.

Some CNN staffers were reportedly “blindsided by the news” that Toobin was returning, wrote Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple.

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