Aitch defends diverse Learning Curve music video with curvy women

Aitch’s Learning Curve music video has been praised for its diversity (Picture: PA, @aitch, Instagram)

Aitch has slammed the ‘idiots’ calling for ‘slim girls’ to star in his new music video after sharing a photo of the beautifully diverse cast. 

The Taste (Make It Shake) rapper is set to make his comeback this week with new single Learning Curve, and will release the music video on Thursday. 

In his announcement, Aitch – real name Harrison Armstrong – shared a teaser photo showing him laying on a bed wearing a designer robe and surrounded by an array of women. 

The image has been praised for representing the everyday woman as it features different races, women of colour sporting braids, various body shapes but most with curves, and one woman who appears to have vitiligo, a skin condition where pale white patches develop on the skin. 

However, it seems some have bombarded Aitch with body-shaming comments about the inclusive choice of casting. 

Responding to the trolls, the Manchester rapper wrote in his Instagram stories: ‘All the man hating on the girls on my new post are iiiiidiots [sic]. 

‘First of all you could never even come near these girls, they don’t want you. They’re too leng for you.’ 

He continued: ‘Also, chatting this s**t ain’t gonna help you get the “slim” girls. It’s just gonna make everyone hate you more lol. 

‘Furthermore you couldn’t even handle these ladies with your little d**k hating a*s energy. They need the reeeeeeeal suttn [sic].’ 

The rapper casually signed off the post with ‘Aitch’ and a smiley face emoji. 

Body-shaming trolls aside, the Learning Curve teaser was met with widespread praise from Aitch’s fans and peers alike. 

Not3s commented: ‘You can’t not love Aitch,’ while rappers Konan, AJ Tracey, Raye and Ms Banks, as well as Loose Women host Judi Love, also cheered him on. 

One fan said: ‘Unexpected cover but absolutely welcomed, thank you for your diversity.’

‘Most realistic picture I’ve ever seen,’ another said of the relatable shot.

One other fan praised: ‘Finally some curvy beauties ???? I’m all for this!!!!’

Aitch, 21, shot to fame in 2019 with his hit single Taste (Make It Shake), which reached number two on the UK charts. He also enjoyed success with the songs Buss Down, Rain and the remix of Keisha & Becky. 

In April, the rapper announced he was taking a break from social media after struggling to cope with the ‘loneliness’ that can come with fame. 

Aitch at the Brit Awards

Aitch is returning to the spotlight after his social media break (Picture: Getty Images)

He explained to his fans in a handwritten poem: ‘It’s hard following your brain when your soul don’t care… it still feels like no one’s there.

‘Sitting on my throne with a open stare, cos to me it’s just a broken chair.’ 

‘I love it at the top but s**t, it’s cold up there. I kinda found out how it feels to be alone up there. 

‘Looking for some hope it never showed up there, but f**k it I’m a soldier I can cope up there. 

‘Heart numb s**t don’t feel the same all the money in the world wouldn’t heal the pain. All the hunnies and the girls wanna deal with Aitch, but they’d deal with him too, if he steals my name.’ 

The poem went on: ‘Back then I used to pray they’d know me. It’s like I got famous and became so lonely. 

‘Kicks back and think as I burn my spliff, just block the world out and watch the day go slowly,’ before signing off with his name. 

In the next story, he simply told his followers: ‘Back soon,’ however, he’s clearly ready to return back to the spotlight. 

Learning Curve drops on Thursday at 9pm.


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