Caroline Crouch died ‘in agony’ as ‘killer’ husband strangled her to death for FIVE minutes, coroner reveals

TRAGIC Caroline Crouch died in “agony” as her “killer” husband was strangling her for five minutes, the coroner’s report reveals.

A post-mortem examination of Caroline’s body revealed that there was a struggle moments before her death as she had several bruises in different parts of her body.

20-year-old Caroline suffered an “agonising” deathCredit: Tim Stewart

The coroner's report states that Babis was strangling her for five minutes

The coroner’s report states that Babis was strangling her for five minutesCredit: EPA

According to the report, the 20-year-old mum was asleep right before she suffered “an agonising, not instant death,” as Babis Anagnostopoulos was smothering the Brit for at least 5-6 minutes.

The report, has revealed the Brit’s cause of death as asphyxiation, reports.

Caroline had several bruises on her lips and tongue, possibly caused by a sharp object, reports Proto Thema.

There were no signs of physical abuse.

According to data from Caroline’s smartwatch, she died between 04:05 and 04:11, when an increase in her heart rate was recorded.

The coroner’s report discloses that a few minutes earlier at 3.58, the young woman’s heart rate describes a person who is fast asleep.

“I consider that the heart rate of 48 to 58 bpm, which is recorded between 01:41 and 03:51 on May 11 2021 corresponds to a period of sleep, and I consider the same for the recorded data of 03:58, when her heart rate stood at 61 bpm, “she noted.

“At 04:05 her pulse increases abruptly by 50 pct up from a state of sleep. I think at that time the person was in an extreme state of mental or physical stress,” she added.

She concluded that “the death process took place from 04:05 to 04:11.

The report reveals Caroline had several bruises on her body

The report reveals Caroline had several bruises on her bodyCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

The 33-year-old pilot confessed to killing his wife

The 33-year-old pilot confessed to killing his wifeCredit: Athena

Data showed that Caroline was asleep minutes before her death

Data showed that Caroline was asleep minutes before her deathCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

Anagnostopoulos was pretending to be a grieving widower for more than a month

Anagnostopoulos was pretending to be a grieving widower for more than a monthCredit: Getty

“The final recording on the smartwatch is at 04:11 and I believe that death occurred immediately after,” she said.

Previously it had been revealed that brave Caroline had fought her husband for ten minutes before she died.

The 33-year-old pilot confessed to murdering his wife after she threatened to leave him and take their baby daughter and admitted he staged a crime scene to cover his tracks.

Babis spent more than a month claiming his wife was a victim of a gang of Albanian thieves who broke into the couple’s home in Glyka Nera.

The helicopter pilot has been described as a “top-class actor” by police as he was pretending to be devastated by his wife’s death for 38 days.

Cops travelled to the island of Alonnisos where a memorial service for Caroline took place and asked him to follow them in order to give new testimony about the murder probe.

It is reported he told cops he “panicked” when he realised he had killed Caroline after holding her down in bed as the couple were having a late night row.

He also said he was considering hiding her body in a bid to mislead the police and claimed he did so because he didn’t want his daughter to grow up without parents.

He even admitted killing the family’s puppy in order to make the crime scene more plausible.

Meanwhile, heart-breaking entries of Caroline’s diary have revealed that the couple’s relationship was far from perfect and that the young mum was planning to leave Babis for a long time.

Babis hugged Caroline's mum at her funeral

Babis hugged Caroline’s mum at her funeralCredit: Tlive

Caroline’s diary reveals she was in “misery”Credit: Court document

The young mum died on May 11 at her home in Glyka Nera

The young mum died on May 11 at her home in Glyka Nera

Caroline’s grieving mum admitted she did not suspect her daughter’s husband killed her “for a second.”

The helicopter pilot arrived to court yesterday, wearing a bullet-proof vest and was charged with intentional homicide and animal abuse as well as with false accusations.

He remains in custody at Hellenic Police Attica Headquarters and is expected to present his defence on Tuesday.

Caroline Crouch’s husband arrives at court in bullet-proof vest surrounded by armed cops to face murder charge


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