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Who should I date according to my tarot card reading?

LOOKING for love? Wondering which star sign you should date? See what your tarot card reading reveals for you when it comes to romance and love. 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think of a number between 1 and 6 — then check below to see what’s in the cards for you!

If you chose 1

Your cards are Temperance and the Seven of Wands. This means that your ideal dating partner is someone who is able to balance you out.

You should look for someone who has a calm demeanour and soothing presence, but they should also be ready for a challenge because the last thing you want is for your love life to be simple and boring.

You want a partner who isn’t afraid to speak their mind, and you expect them to hear what you have to say in return. For you, it’s likely to be a case of opposites attract. 

Which star sign should I date? Probably a fire sign (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries) who also has a good bit of the water element in their birth chart.

BONUS: Your ideal date is one that pits you against the other person. Think tennis, bowling, or even a board game — something that gives you a chance to compete in a fun, relaxed way.

If you chose 2

Your cards are the Eight of Cups and the Seven of Cups. It seems your romantic needs and dating preferences are not the most straightforward.

You want to find someone who engages your creativity and imagination, but they also shouldn’t mind giving you the alone time you occasionally need. It’s possible you’re not after a long-term thing right now.

At the same time, emotional connection is important to you, so you need to find someone who is willing to engage with you on a heart level.

Which star sign should I date? A water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) will be the most likely candidate to give you that emotional connection you desire.

BONUS: Your ideal date is one that invites deep conversation. Speed dating is probably not for you. Think intimate dinners, art galleries, and walks in nature.

If you chose 3

Your cards are the Seven of Coins and the World. You want to find a dating partner who is patient, easy-going, and also a little ambitious. You are probably hoping to find a committed partnership, and perhaps even start a family in the future.

You want a relationship that is sensible but also powerful: you won’t take anything less than true love. Finding the right person may take a bit of time, but the rewards will be worth it.

Which star sign should I date? Earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus) would suit your desire for commitment and stability. An ambitious Aquarius would also match well.

BONUS: Your ideal date is a unique experience you can both share. Think outside the box: visiting a vineyard, going to the zoo, or even taking a class together. 

If you chose 4

Your cards are the Page of Coins in reverse and the Queen of Coins. It’s clear you need to find someone whose feet are firmly on the ground.

You probably don’t want to go for anyone much younger than you: somebody with a bit of life experience is best. You should look for someone who is nurturing, kind, practical, and generous.

It’s likely you’ve had your world turned upside-down by love before; now it’s time to get things back to normal. It probably won’t be an earth-shattering romance, but it will be deeply fulfilling.

Which star sign should I date? A practical earth sign (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus) who has a touch of the nurturing water element in their birth chart would be ideal for you.

BONUS: Your ideal date would involve a quiet activity together. Think jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, or even bird watching.

If you chose 5

Your cards are the Empress and the High Priestess. It’s clear that you need to look for someone who strongly embodies feminine energy, which can manifest itself in anyone regardless of their gender identity.

Your ideal dating partner is sensitive, intuitive, caring, and also strong — you want someone who is pleasantly assertive but not bossy, someone you can trust and whose shoulder you can lean on.

Which star sign should I date? Devoted Gemini would be a good bet for you, or a caring water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer).

BONUS: Your ideal date will engage your feminine side. Think shopping, stargazing, or having a spa day.

If you chose 6

Your cards are the Six of Coins and the Ten of Cups. When it comes to dating, you will settle for nothing less than the best!

You want someone who is generous with their time and energy as well as courteous: they should definitely be the type to hold the door open for you, and maybe even volunteer for charities in their spare time.

You are probably looking for something long-term, so look for a dating partner who is willing to talk with you about their dreams for the future.

Which star sign should I date? A fair-minded and 2Othgenerous Libra could be a good match for you, or a romantic and devoted Taurus.

BONUS: Your ideal date is something a bit romantic: flowers, chocolates, music, maybe even watching the sunset from a scenic spot.


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