Listen to a new, anniversary remix of Muse’s ‘Megalomania’

Muse have shared a special anniversary remix of ‘Megalomania’ – you can listen to it below.

Last month (May 20), Muse marked the forthcoming 20th anniversary of ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ by announcing the upcoming release of a remixed version of their seminal album.

The remix album will arrive on June 18, just falling short of 20 years since the original record arrived on July 17, 2001. A vinyl release will subsequently follow on July 9th and can be ordered here. 

A collaboration with long-term producer Rich Costey, the album sees the band offering a “more open, dynamic and less crushed sound”, according to an official release.

You can listen to the remix of ‘Megalomania’ here:

In another video, frontman Matt Bellamy and drummer Dominic Howard spoke about how the new, remixed track was different from the original.

“[With] the original, we had the tendency back in those days to make it sound like some old vintage record or something, like a record from the 20s. We’ve just taken a slightly different approach with the new one,” Howard said.

Referring to the song’s use of a church organ, Bellamy added: “Hearing that and what a cool sound that was, and the fact it was a real authentic original church organ sound, again [we’ve] really pushed that up in the new mix so it’s much more prominent.”

Bellamy added: “I think it’s the track that’s changed the most,” whilst Howard said it was the most “radical” re-work from the collection.

You can watch them discussing the track here:

Last year also saw Bellamy confirm that Muse have started work on their new album, with the follow-up to 2018’s ‘Simulation Theory’ inspired by “chaos and protests”.

Speaking to NME, the frontman revealed that the band were considering moving back to their hometown of Teignmouth in Devon to write their next record.

“I like the idea of totally resetting and going back to where we come from,” said Bellamy.

“As in, physically moving back to our hometown and getting back to how we used to be at square one. We’re likely to get in the studio next year to make a new album of some kind and then tour after that, depending on the travel restrictions.”

You can check out the re-mix album’s track-list below, which includes ‘Futurism’, originally a bonus track on the album’s Japanese release, for the first time.

Side M
1. ‘New Born’
2. ‘Bliss’

Side U
3. ‘Space Dementia’
4. ‘Hyper Music’
5. ‘Plug In Baby’

Side S
6. ‘Citizen Erased’
7. ‘Micro Cuts’
8. ‘Screenager’
9. ‘Darkshines’

Side E
10. ‘Feeling Good’
11. ‘Futurism’
12. ‘Megalomania’


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