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IN the UK we love to hate it, but it seems like the rest of the Europe can’t get enough of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Even our friends Down Under in Australia, an eye-watering 12,000 miles away, jet over to Europe to take part in the extravaganza. 

Australia is allowed to take part in EurovisionCredit: AFP – Getty

Why is Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest?

No, you’re not going mad – Australia definitely isn’t in Europe – however, since 2015, singers from the other side of the world have been taking part in Eurovision.

Australia was invited to get involved as a gesture of goodwill for the show’s 60th anniversary, which had a ‘Building Bridges’ theme.

Then on February 12, 2019, Eurovision confirmed that Australia has secured a spot in the competition for the next five years until 2023.

Until then, the country’s participation was up for consideration year by year.

 Montaigne is Australia's Eurovision entrant 2021

Montaigne is Australia’s Eurovision entrant 2021Credit: EPA

What would happen if Australia won?

While we’re still licking our wounds from the infamous ‘nil points’ embarrassment in 2003, the Aussies love being involved in Eurovision.

Much like our late-night Super Bowl parties, Aussies stay up all night to drink and watch the show.

It’s thought that the ‘cringe-factor’ of Eurovision appeals to fun-loving Aussies.

But organisers have confirmed the contest won’t be heading Down Under if Australia wins.

 The Aussie's love Eurovision

The Aussie’s love EurovisionCredit: AP

Is Australia the only non-European country to take part?

No it’s not. Israel has been competing regularly since 1973 and has won three times.

Morocco has also competed in the past as well as Azerbaijan.

While Tunisia and Lebanon have both been considered for the run-up.

How can I watch Eurovision 2021?

You can watch all the action as it unfolds TONIGHT, Saturday, May 22, 2021, with Graham Norton providing the commentary.

It will be broadcast live on BBC One from 8pm.

Fans will be able to catch up on iPlayer

Eurovision Song Contest stage invader wearing an Australian flag bares his bottom


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