TV Characters that Made the Jump to Games

We’re used to seeing TV stars on our boxes on a regular or semi-regular basis, be it the cast of Eastenders or the latest reality show star. Their presence, ubiquitous or not, makes them recognisable in and out of context. To put it another way, when someone is famous through their TV exploits, they’re famous in all settings. Because of this, they can move into another medium and maintain their celebrity status.

We’ve seen this countless times over the last few decades. Of course, TV stars have gone from the small screen to the big one. Michelle Ryan, who once played Zoe Slater in Eastenders, went on to become the Bionic Woman. Martin Freeman, Tim Canterbury from The Office, has starred in countless Hollywood blockbusters, including The Hobbit. Transitions like this aren’t uncommon. In fact, all actors and actresses aspire to take their careers to the highest heights possible.

TV Stars Don’t Always Have to Star in TV Shows

What’s interesting, however, is that making movies in movies isn’t the only way TV stars can raise their profile. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the entertainment industry has become a large and varied beast. Thanks to this, a lot of actors are now appearing in games. And, more interestingly, games of all types.

For example, Norman Reedus, who played Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, features in the video game, Death Stranding. In fact, what’s interesting about this video game is that it also features a cameo from talk show host, Conan O’Brien. Elsewhere in the video gaming sector, Ozzy Osbourne appeared in Brutal Legend, while Diff’rent Strokes Gary Colman made an appearance in the first-person shooter, Postal 2. It’s not just video games that have provided a place for TV stars to shine outside of the natural setting.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Casino games have also become a home for actors and actresses making the proverbial jump. The cast of Narcos, for example, feature in a popular slot game. Available to online casino customers in various parts of the world, including select US states, this slot not only contains classic features such as free spins and jackpots, it has images and animations inspired by the show. It’s the same for other online casino slot games such as Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen and Game of Thrones. Again, we can see how games have become a place for TV icons to play.

That’s a testament to the evolution of entertainment. The dividing line between TV shows, movies, music, art and gaming have come tumbling down in recent years. The internet and digital technology have made crossovers and collaborations easier. What’s more, we live in a time where people expect entertainment on demand. Because of this, creative types have been forced to get creative. That means thinking outside of the box. In this instance, this means taking TV characters out of their boxes and putting them in new settings as a way to make games appealing to the masses.

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