30 Helpful Things On The Web That Are Free And Everyone Should Take Advantage Of, As Shared By People Online

The internet is a wonderful place: you can find answers to the most random questions you ever have, you can listen to music, watch movies, get something to eat without stepping foot outside, connect with people on the other side of the world, and other awesome things.

You know what is more awesome? That there are so many useful websites, apps, and services that are totally free. Redditor_2017 asked “What free things online should everyone take advantage of?“ and people came with an abundance of various resources, ranging from educational sites to ones giving financial services.

So here is a compilation of the amazing things that can be found online for free. Don’t forget to upvote the ones which you would use and feel free to add to the list in the comments!

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Photopea. It’s a Photoshop clone that is completely free (unintrusive side banner ad, can be removed by a one time payment) and has all the basic features of Photoshop, using basically the same interface. If you’re used to Photoshop and just need to get something quick done, there’s nothing better out there. Best of all, it’s completely contained within your browser. There’s no installation, no local files, not even an account or sign in.

11_1000_11 , photopea Report

Khan Academy

Use Khan Academy for literally everything. It’s free knowledge that you can use to clep out of university courses, or to simply invest your time in a worthwhile topic. Free quality education is best education.

[deleted] , Khan Academy Report


Skiplagged for flights. It’s so good that United sued them and lost.

They essentially exploit the pricing manipulation that airlines use. Example, if you want to go from Phoenix to Atlanta, sometimes a ticket from Phoenix to Ft. Lauderdale connecting through Atlanta is cheaper. This website finds those flights for ya. Just don’t check in a bag!

thomasdantas , skiplagged Report

My 90s TV

My 90s TV.

This is more of a novelty website, but I think it’s pretty cool and you can lose yourself for hours with nostalgia. It basically uses YouTube videos to simulate watching TV in 90s and you can specify what year you want and what categories you want to see when you change channels.

There is also a My 80s TV and a My 70s TV

-eDgAR- , My 90s TV Report


Duolingo I have been using this for quick Spanish lessons with my morning coffee for a couple years now. It doesn’t override the need to take classes for college credits, but I recently had to take a course and it was a breeze. There are a few hundred languages that it teaches and the mobile app makes it easy to do anywhere while waiting.

justadrtrdsrvvr , Duolingo Report


1aauto. It is a car parts supplier, but their videos show exactly what tools you need, what parts you need, and how to do a repair yourself. Great money saver if you don’t know much about mechanics. Someone I knew was going to get screwed by their mechanic (700 bucks for a water pump replacement). Showed them that, they did it themselves for 30 bucks. It makes it quicker too, knowing what tools you need ahead of time for your particular car.

Creepysideboob , 1aauto Report



You can write letters to yourself (or other people) in the future! I personally love this type of self reflection and self support from my past self.

This way, I’ll always have someone wishing me a happy birthday, even if it’s just past me.

lenerz , futureme Report


Maybe not everyone, but for students Zotero is a lifesaver. It will store your sources, import them to a bibliography in whatever citation style you need, and even create in-text citations in your paper. It saves hours of work.

secondhandbanshee , Zotero Report


OpenLearn from the UK’s Open University – free courses for all levels of study, samples of university materials, study skills nd tie-ins to BBC documentaries. Everything under Creative Commons licence so you can use it as you see fit:


iCowboy , OpenLearn Report

Waze And Google Maps

Google Maps and Waze are so useful if still blows my mind that they are free. Waze does have ads that show up when you are stopped but it’s still free and had a lot of great features. They have slowly been moving the more popular features to Google Maps too like speed trap reports and current speed/speed limit.

pops992 , Waze Report

Heavens Above

Astronomer here! You can look up all the satellites flying over your house tonight, including the ISS, Hubble Space Telescope, those pesky Starlink satellites, and whatever else your heart desires, complete with star maps and precise timing. The website is called Heavens Above and there is an Android app, but unfortunately no iOS one last I checked. (For iOS I use “Sputnik!” which is free and tells me the ISS and Hubble passes overhead.)

It should be noted btw that many if not most of these objects are visible even in a city if on a good pass right above you. So out and see some cool stuff! 🙂

Andromeda321 , Heavens Above Report

Top Class Actions

Top Class Actions basically a site that lists active class action lawsuits you might qualify for. I’ve used it for trivial things like suing red bull for a free case because it “didn’t give me wings” but on a serious note. It made me aware of the suit against Equifax for leaking my data. That should be a settlement worth over a $100. It’s a cool way to hold corporations semi accountable, and score some money/freebies for any wrongdoing that went under the radar.

Zee_Ventures , Top Class Actions Report

Free File

If you’re in the USA and you earn less than a certain amount of money — currently $69,000 — you can use the same software to file your taxes for free.

The system is called Free File, and companies that sell you tax software are trying very hard to make it difficult to find. Don’t let them.

Portarossa , Free File Report


Codecademy is an awesome site to learn how to use some programming languages. Doesn’t get into the really advanced stuff, but it’s good for a start.

LeowRojas , Codecademy Report

Nexus Mods

Nexus mods.

Nexus mods has thousands of video game mods, made by independent content creators, available to download at no cost.

I recently downloaded a bunch of mods for a new Fallout 3 playthrough from nexus! The game still crashes every 15 minutes but damn it’s still soo good.

TrampStampChamp_ , Nexus mods Report


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