46 Things People Accept As True Without Having Proof, As Shared In This Online Group

We perceive reality judging the facts we are given. We know that some things are true because we have proof or logical explanations for them. But there are things that we just know are true that we don’t have evidence for. It might be things in your personal life or just about life in general.

Because there is no evidence for such things, everyone can believe what they want. Reddit user UnbentJohnson came up with the question, “What do you KNOW is true without evidence? What are you certain of, right down to your bones, without proof?” The Reddit thread got nearly 100k upvotes and more than 50k people shared what they believe is true but it could be difficult to convince others that it is.

What would you answer to this question? We are curious to know, so leave a comment down below and upvote the answers that you feel might be true!

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Not everyone is meant to raise a child. Just because you can biologically create a child or financially support one does not mean you are meant to raise one.

Dr_Feeble , Amy the Nurse Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceThat the near complete absence of financial literacy education in American public schools is 100% on purpose.

vivalabeava , Joe Coyle Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceThat a LOT more famous actors than we realize are secretly the children of other famous actors from the previous generation. I call it the Hollywood Bastard Theory.

DarthToothbrush , DoD News Report

Know-Truth-Without-Evidence100 years from now only a handful of kids and grandkids will have any memory of my life.

200 years from now, at most I’ll be a photo in an old family scrap book with my name in the margin space.

300 years from now no one in my family will know I existed outside of a half finished family tree.

Yet ultimately all of their hopes and pains, successes and failures, dreams and depressions will be the direct result of my having existed. So it isn’t that bad.

Dire88 , Vera Likhosherstova Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceThat gardening is the secret to happiness.

Sounds super strange, especially coming from someone like myself – an ex world of Warcraft gamer. I had kids, got busy with work, wanted out of the suburbs, got some land in the country, and started planting stuff. Years later I have what I call a food forest. I have replaced lawns with fruit trees, bushes, vines, flowers, all woven together to mimic a natural forest – except everything in it is edible.

It has changed my life completely.

I just think there’s something about being outside in the sun, feet on soil, hands in dirt, planting s***. Watching it grow in the background of your life. Going out and checking on it and watching how much bigger it is getting. Watching life find it, and now you get to live WITH the natural world, not isolated from it.

Birds making nests in your trees, frogs making home in your ponds, seeing bees all around your flowers, butterflies everywhere. Rabbits and squirrels moving in, then owls moving in to eat those. It’s this wonderful trophic cascade that you started, and it’s incredibly rewarding.

Plus, being able to just walk outside and get chemical-free nutrient-rich dinner is amazing.

I actually think a big reason depression is such a big thing these days is because we have all become so disconnected from the life that we evolved in for the last 6 million years. We evolved walking around savannahs and forests, pulling food off bushes and trees, out in the sun, feet in the soil, hands in the dirt. We couldn’t be further from that, living inside our isolated homes, cars and offices. It’s no wonder we’re all so depressed.

I think gardening is the secret to happiness.

Suuperdad , Tejvan Pettinger Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceThat there is other intelligent life in the universe. We may never encounter it, certainly not within any of our lifetimes, but it’s out there somewhere. The universe is too goddamn big for us to be the only ones.

[deleted] , Interdimensional Guardians Report

Know-Truth-Without-Evidence1 in every 3 or 4 people is not capable of critical thinking. And I’m not making some kind of point about politics or anything – I mean those people are literally incapable of taking in information and synthesizing it with other information and coming to their own conclusions. They’re basically robots programmed by whatever source is most convincing to them.

cweaver , Meenakshi Sundaram Manivannan Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceIf I’m stuck in traffic and switch lanes because the other lane looks like it will move faster, the lane I just switched from will automatically go faster.

mlime18 , Amanda W Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceMy phone is listening to me, it’s simply not a coincidence any more how my targeted ads change directly related to and after a conversation. People say we are just more predictable than we think but I mention something I haven’t even thought about for years and there it is on Instagram.

koreanwing , Kārlis Dambrāns Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceI’m quietly convinced I made a bestselling mystery novelist change the way he writes because I criticised him on Reddit.

The novelist in question is Chris Carter; the books are the Robert Hunter series. (Yes, the guy who has built a career on looking for serial killers is named Hunter. He works for the LAPD’s Ultra-Violent Crime Unit. It’s not a series that’s overburdened by subtlety, is what I’m saying.) They are as schlocky a bunch of thrillers as you could ever hope to find, but for some reason I can’t get enough of them, despite the fact that they’re… very much not great. They lean pretty damn heavy on ridiculous tropes, and I’ve never seen a more Mary Sue lead than I have in this series, but the biggest complaint I have with them is that the same line appears almost literally word for word in the first nine books (‘Hunter’s biggest passion was single malt Scotch whiskey, but unlike most, he knew how to appreciate its flavor and quality instead of simply getting drunk on it.’). I made a comment about it on Reddit on an r/books thread about your favourite terrible authors.

That post was made in January of 2019; in April, his book Hunting Evil came out, and the line was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t think much of it until his new book, Written in Blood, came out a few days ago, and also didn’t have the line in it. This comment is also one of the top answers if you google his name and the book series via Reddit — exactly what you’d do if you were looking to see if people on the internet were talking about your books. I also can’t find any evidence of anyone else pointing this out in a review or suchlike.

So yeah… in short, three months after I made that comment, he broke the habit of a decade of writing and finally decided that after nine stories that used this as a crutch for Hunter’s personality, it was too much.

I know you’re reading this, Chris. I know.

Portarossa , MSmith220 Report

I am essentially a good, decent person. I may not act this out successfully, it’s the fact that I keep trying to act it out relentlessly that makes it true.

[deleted] Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceReddit supermods have the ability to give unlimited free awards on reddit. This allows them to make certain opinions more visible and normalizes paying real money for reddit emojis.

[deleted] , OC: 19 Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceI’m really, really f*****g lucky. But like in a subtle way like if there’s a 95% chance I’ll get hurt doing something stupid I’ll come out unscathed. Sometimes I think there’s a guardian angel watching over me making sure I don’t kill myself by being an idiot.

GrootTheTree , Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceThat the entire U.S. mattress industry is a front for criminal organizations. Virtually every city has more mattress stores than it needs. When was the last time you bought a mattress? So then why does a city of 80,000 have like 7 separate mattress retail places within like six blocks?

TheLostPariah , American Matress Report

No matter what happens, no matter what I do or don’t do, no matter what I achieve or fail at: I know my dog will still love me and wag his tail when I get home.

UnbentJohnson Report

That we would be happier if we returned to a more natural way of living rather than the 9-5 rat race.

maybebaby8 Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceMy brother deleted my game save on purpose. He was old enough to read, he knew what he was doing.

Raichu7 , Kirt Edblom Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceThat my cousin stole my holographic 1st edition Charizard Pokemon card back in the early 2000’s.

axxonn13 , noodlz_ Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceBack when I was 10 there was a competition for schoolkids to write a treatment for an episode of Doctor Who, with the best one being developed into an full episode in the next series and the winner receiving a writing credit. I was a huge fan of DW at the time and the competition was actually run through schools, so my teacher made the entire class do it, but I was very excited.

I began writing a story about the Doctor landing on a planet full of defective cybermen, who’s programming had gone a wry and had been left on this asylum planet to rot. The Doctor lands there in response to a mysterious distress call from a woman and attempts to find and save her while avoiding the dangerous dysfunctional cybermen and the looming threat of planetary destruction at the hands of the normal cybermen. I finished my short treatment and gave it to my teacher to submit. Unfortunately it turned out the competition was very strict about the formatting of submissions and mine was returned because I had used the wrong formatting in some way, it seemed like a weird reason. I was a bit disappointed and that was the end of that.

But then, a year or two later, there was an episode of DW called Asylum of the Daleks, which seemed incredibly similar to my story except with Daleks. So incredibly, eerily, similar in fact, that to this day I am absolutely convinced that Steven Moffat saw my script and came up with a formatting excuse so that he could remove me from the competition, steal my story, change the bad guys and claim it as his own. I have zero evidence, I don’t even still have the treatment I wrote, or any letter from the BBC about my submission, and yet I know in my bones that Steven Moffat stole his script from 10 yr old me.

vanhet , BBC Studios Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceMy ex-boss used Covid as an excuse to make me redundant because I was the only member of his team to be hired by someone else and not him.

box_frenzy , Alan Cleaver Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceThat the funeral home by my house is run by some sort of criminal organization.

I always see the same gangster looking guys hanging out in front of it smoking cigars and drinking beers.

-eDgAR- , wetwebwork Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceI watched flight 93 go down. I would never share that in real life because it’s f****n grim and no one would believe you (the geography of the reports are off ). I saw it clear as day from Kent state’s main campus (Ohio). I didn’t know what I was seeing other than I remember thinking “that plane is way way too low (we had a aviation college so planes were common) and too big and it’s jerking around like how a toddler drives a power wheels truck….”. Continued on to class. You don’t wanna be late even at a liberal college.

CozmicOwl16 , Andy Mabbett Report

That 1-2 generations down the line, our use of technology will lead to extreme mental health issues. My brain feels deep fried from time to time and I haven’t seriously started using a smart phone before I was already an adult

sad_panda91 Report

As an Asian, I can safely say without a doubt that you don’t need cups to measure the water when cooking rice.

duckimaquackquack Report

Know-Truth-Without-EvidenceThere is probably 7 degrees of separation from everyone and a serial killer. That number is probably lower than 7.

Edit: Make it 3 degrees. I don’t know the real number. The number doesn’t matter to me, really- the point was we’re all close to a serial killer.

AltUniverse_1 , State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory Report

The Truman show was made to make me think the entire world watching my every move was a ridiculous notion. But I know better…

CleanUranus Report

Not that it is something I believe to be true, but something that I often think about is the Butterfly Effect. Like little things I do during the day could affect the total outcome of my day.

Hey_I_Work_Here Report

McDonald’s coke hits different than any coke I’ve ever had.

Locust627 Report

Most company CEO’s don’t really know what they’re doing. Whether their business thrives or fails has more to do with luck than anything else. There are exceptions, but most of them have a completely warped sense of their own “brilliance”.

saugoof Report

Getting a name tattooed on your body is a curse both on you and the person whose name is on you for as long as you wear it.

h00paj00ped Report

The average middle class person of today has luxuries and a standard of living that far surpasses that of Kings and Queens from centuries ago.

poopellar Report


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