A Video Of A Guy Explaining An Easy Yet Brilliant Way To Make Friends As An Adult Went Viral With Almost 6M Views

Do you remember times when you would come home from school and your parents would ask how your day went and more importantly “did you make any friends”? And of course, friends are one of the most essential things in our lives. As they say, you can’t choose family, but you sure can find the best people to become friends with. There are certainly a lot of places where one can find friends: I guess some of us still have contact with our friends from childhood or school. Also, places like university or work are very common to start a long-lasting friendship.

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It could be quite challenging to make friends and the truth is that with years it’s not getting easier

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However, the sad truth is that the older you get, the harder it is to find friends. And we might think that we are the only ones that are struggling with this. Until one day, one TikTok user asked people in this online community how they make friends as an adult. Connor Miller, who is a Community Marketing Coordinator at Discord, answered this question by giving a few simple examples of how people can make friends.

This TikTok user asked how adult people make friends

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And she got a simple but precise answer that also drew the attention of other users who struggle to find friends

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He first noted that we have no problem finding friends when we are young because we go to the same place for a long time. For example, school or university. The first key in making friends is to show up someplace regularly so that people there could remember you.

What is important in a friendship is to share some kind of interest or viewpoint. Think of things you want to do or try and go for them, as Connor says in this video “If you are a familiar face in a place where people share your interests, you’ll make friends”.

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The video with 1.4M views got 13.2k comments that were very pleased with Connor sharing his simple insights on how to find friends. “The dude cracked the code”, joked some of the users, some agreed with the video creator sharing their own experiences of finding their BFF. Connor’s advice was so successful that some of the people were also asking how they should find true love.

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Of course, with the current events taking place, a lot of places being closed and our movement being limited, we cannot go out there and explore our options fully and simply make friends at a coffee shop. But with today’s technology, we are still able to connect with other people. As the author of the video suggests, try to go to the same platforms (he talks about Twitch streams in particular) and make connections there. One day this is all going to be over and we will be able to meet our (new) friends.

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Check out the full video below

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Why having friends is so important?

Besides keeping you company and being there for you, friends also keep you healthy. Having someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, friends prevent us from feeling lonely and depressed. Simply said, friends keep us sane. If you have a friend who loves sports or is very active, benefit from that, as running alongside them will make your own body stronger. Friends can also help us to develop healthy behaviours or encourage us to try new things or something we were dreaming about for a long time but never got the guts to do it. Good friends are there to help you to become a better person by giving you a push when needed, to share their own experiences and help when you are struggling and to celebrate your achievements together.

Other TikTok users are happy to find this video as Connor “cracked the code” on how to find friends

TikTok users not only shared their experiences in the comments but also kept asking for some more advice on how to find rich friends or true love


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