All the clues and theories that ‘prove’ who’s on The Masked Singer – from Steps singer to Lucifer star

THE Masked Singer fans have been getting their guesses in early and think they’ve already cracked the famous faces behind the mask.

As the ultimate guessing game returns, eagle-eyed viewers and the judges will decipher clues in a bid to uncover the celebrity hidden behind the mask.

The Masked Singer fans have already thrown a number of names in the hatCredit: ITV

The show returned on New Years Day with a string of quirky costumes, including Phoenix, Ghost, Cat & Mouse, Knitting, Otter and Jellyfish.

But it was footie pundit and legend Chris Kamara who became the first celebrity to be unmasked.

Here we take a look at the clues and theories so far.


Could a hunky actor be hiding behind the mask?

Could a hunky actor be hiding behind the mask?Credit: ITV

  • Judges are convinced Phoenix is an actor
  • Judge Mo said the VT tape even gave him Game of Thrones vibes
  • Phoenix has ”risen from the ashes”
  • This celebrity is good at reinventing themselves
  • They are familiar with reincarnation
  • As a child they were very quiet
  • They know how to follow a trail
Everything we know about Cat and Mouse on The Masked Singer series 4
Everything we know about Otter on The Masked Singer series 4

Their riddle was: “I’m all flame and fire, my feathers ablaze, it may intrigue you to learn, I’ve been a catchphrase.”

A number of fans have guessed David Tennant from the way Phoenix walks and acts – as well as the Doctor Who link of the Doctors regenerating. 

Others believe Phoenix is Kaiser Chiefs lead singer Ricky Wilson.

The judges also have their own ideas about the celebrity hiding behind the weird and wonderful Phoenix costume.

Jonathan agrees with fans and guessed Doctor Who star David Tenant, whilst Rita Ora said Jason Orange from Take That, due to the colour of the costume.

While some think Lucifer actor Tom Ellis is behind the mask.

Many are convinced they’ve identified his distinctive voice after a rendition of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

One wrote: “Over the past two months I devoured every episode of Lucifer on Netflix, and can now say I am totally convinced the Phoenix is Tom Ellis! The voice and most of the clues seem to fit? Oooh hope I’m right just so we get to see him! #MaskedSingerUK”

Another posted: “Watching #maskedsinger on demand…..surely Phoenix is Lucifer himself??? Tom Ellis????”

A third fan went one step further and listed all the clues: “Phoenix = Tom Ellis.

“Attractive clue = sexiest actor alive 2022 glamour magazine Reinventing themselves clue = ? Immortal/detective clue= Lucifer Game of Thrones clues = ? Riddle: I’ve been a catchphrase = The devil made me do it.”

Cat & Mouse

Is Cat and Mouse a famous Spice Girl?

Is Cat and Mouse a famous Spice Girl?Credit: ITV

Cat and Mouse are hoping to impress judges with their duets – but will they have what it takes to be crowned the 2023 winners?

So far they’ve performed Anything You Can I Do (I Can Do Better) by Irving Berlin.

Cat and Mouse might just be the hardest characters to crack this series as the judges and viewers have not one, but two star-studded celebrities to uncover.

However, their clues might just give the judges and viewers what they need to crack the characters.

Here’s a look at the clues that have been given about Cat and Mouse so far.

  • The number 200,000,000 was mentioned
  • They said they were no stranger to legalities and get right to the case
  • They also said they knew how to spin out a tale
  • A shot of five different jars of spices lined up next to one another was shown

Their riddle was: “I’m on the case, I’m not afraid, you stole the cheese, and some jade.”

Fans have been quick to share who they think is hiding behind the Cat and Mouse costumes – with many believing the double act are in fact a married couple rather than colleagues.

So far, fans have hinted that Spice Girls star Emma Bunton and partner Jade Jones are the celebrities singing in secret.

Others believe funny man Chris Ramsey and his wife Rosie are Cat and Mouse.

However, the judges had their own ideas.

Jonathan said Geri Horner for Mouse due to the spices but did not have a guess for Cat.

Unlike fans, Davina did not think the duo were a couple and instead suggested presenting duo Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard from GMB.

Mo thought Cat and Mouse could be comedy stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas, whilst Rita believed McFly frontman Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna were hiding behind the masks.


Is Knitting pulling the wool over our eyes?

Is Knitting pulling the wool over our eyes?Credit: ITV

Taking to the stage in all their knitted glory, this masked singer will be performing a number of hit songs to get the judges dancing – and guessing.

Here’s a look at the songs knitting has performed so far in the series.

With their identity hidden by a giant woolly costume, it’s important for the judges to decipher the clues to crack the character and uncover the celebrity.

Here’s all the clues we know about Knitting so far.

  • Female voice
  • Lancaster accent
  • Possible links to morning TV
  • They are very crafty
  • A possible connection with the world of theatre
  • One magpie
  • The number 26
  • Knitting described themselves as being like a “big warm hello and cuddle”

Knitting’s riddle clue was: “Knitting is easy, it’s the crossing of sticks. Count all of your stitches, there should 26.”

After watching Knitting’s first performance, fans have been quick to share their theories on which crafty celebrity is hiding behind the mask.

Some fans suggested Stacey Solomon as she enjoys crafting and regularly shares her DIY creations over on her Instagram.

Others suggested TV presenter AJ Odudu due to the Lancaster accent and the fact that AJ enjoys crafting.

Steps singer Claire Richards, actress Jane Horrocks and Cheryl Cole were also among the list of star-studded celebs fans believe to be Knitting.

Along with those sharing their theories and those tuning in at home, the judges also shared their predictions so far.

Jonathan suggested TV presenter Konnie Huq – linking her time on the hit children’s show Blue Peter to the crafts.

Some fans suggested Stacey Solomon as she enjoys crafting and regularly shares her DIY creations over on her Instagram.

Others suggested TV presenter AJ Odudu due to the Lancaster accent and the fact that AJ enjoys crafting.


Is Otter's wetsuit a clue?

Is Otter’s wetsuit a clue?Credit: ITV

Swapping swimming for singing, Otter will perform a number of musical hits in a bid to impress the panel of judges and those tuning in at home.

Here’s a look at the songs Otter has performed on The Masked Singer series 4 so far.

Here’s a look at the clues that have been given about Otter so far.

  • The clues for Otter centred around swimming and making a splash
  • They are “a little bit naughty” 
  • A four leaf clover was shown
  • In their clue package there was a sign with rules and diving advice
  • They said they are known for “their resilience”
  • They are naturally curious, as well as playful

Otter’s riddle was: “Children, some say, should be seen and not heard, but of this Otter, I’d say, opposite is the word.”

Taking to social media, a number of fans suggested actress Dawn French or Fiona Shaw was the woman wearing the wetsuit.

Others thought the singing star could be TV star and media personality Laura Whitmore or actress Pauline McLynn.

Some of the judges also agreed with the fan theories.

Mo guessed actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, whilst Davina also suggested Fiona Shaw.

Rita Ora believed Otter was singer Una Healy, as she took part in the TV show Splash.

Johnathan focused on the shamrock shown and like fans guessed Irish star Pauline McLynn.


Could Jellyfish be Strictly star Kym Marsh?

Could Jellyfish be Strictly star Kym Marsh?Credit: ITV

Swapping the sea for the stage, Jellyfish impressed both the judges and viewers with a rendition of Sweet Child O’Mine.

In their clue package, Jellyfish said what you see is what you get and that they create their own light and were all about love – whilst also giving hints that they were an artistic individual.

One part of the singers clue package showed the words Me written in shells – leaving the judges convinced there must be some link to the name Michelle.

People are only just realising what the symbol on their shampoo really means
Masked Singer viewers are all saying the same thing about Davina McCall's hair

They also added that they won unexpectedly before.

With all this in mind, fans are convinced Jellyfish could be either Kym Marsh, Amber Riley or Michelle McManus.



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