Andrew Neil hits back at notion GB News ‘peddles hate’ as brands pull out: ‘Have a look at our content’

Andrew Neil has insisted there’s ‘no hate’ on GB News (Picture: GB News)

GB News chairman Andrew Neil has blasted critics that the channel ‘peddles hate’, insisting there is none to be found.

The new network launched on Sunday but has already faced fierce criticism from some who have branded it ‘right-wing propaganda’, with several brands suspending their advertisements claiming they weren’t aware their campaigns would appear.

Swedish furniture giant Ikea said it had ‘not knowingly’ advertised on GB News, while it had been claimed Octopus Energy had also pulled out.

However, the founder of Octopus Energy, Greg Jackson, has since said it wanted to watch GB News before deciding whether to make a deal with the channel, much to the frustration of Neil.

‘Some people were saying we shouldn’t advertise on platforms which spread hate,’ Jackson wrote on Twitter. ‘We confirmed that we don’t. We separately said we want to see GBN output before deciding whether to advertise. Some media reported out of context and I think that’s led to misinterpretation.’

Neil responded, stating ‘you’ll find no hate’ on GB News,

‘Maybe you should boycott the media that’s reporting you out of context instead of @GBNEWS,’ he slammed. ‘Have a look at our content. You’ll find no hate. Let me know if you want to advertise. And I’ll let you know if we want your ads. Or whether we organise a boycott of you.’

Andrew Neil on Twitter

Andrew Neil hit back at the notion that GB News would ‘peddle hate’ (Picture: Twitter)

‘Actually Andrew, I’m watching your interview with Rishi right now… (currently the bit about gas boilers),’ Jackson replied.

‘As per my message, we didn’t boycott – I wanted to see the channel and am true to my word.’

‘How many other channels have you watched before deciding to advertise?’ Neil clapped back. ‘I will be looking at brands to decide if they are fit to advertise with us.

GB News team

GB News launched on Sunday night (Picture: GB News)

‘I will have something to say about that and more on a special Media Watch tonight @GBNEWS 8pm on Andrew Neil.

‘I resent even the thought that a channel of which I was chairman would peddle hate. You should know better.’

GB News has suffered a number of teething issues since its debut, with the production team frantically dealing with noise complaints as viewers have complained its output is sounding like they’ve been recorded in the gent’s toilets.

On top of that, viewers have been taking the mick out of presenters by writing in with NSFW names, including Mike Hunt and Clee Torez.


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