GMB’s Ranvir Singh red-faced as her son video calls her while she’s live on air after revealing single mum ‘struggles’

GOOD Morning Britain’s Ranvir Singh was left red-faced today as she was video called by her eight-year-old son live on air.

The 43-year-old had just been opening up about her “struggles” as a single mum in a debate about women working harder than men.

Ranvir Singh laughed as her eight-year-old son FaceTimed her live on air

“My son’s nearly nine,” said Ranvir.

“It’s not the physicality of the work, it’s the brain work. You think you’ve switched off at 9pm, but in your head you’re still figuring out everything.”

Host Susanna Reid agreed, adding: “Childcare, school arrangements, homework… all of that stuff.

“Obviously lots of dads do that too, that’s not exclusively women’s work. But the domestic work does tend to fall on women.”

She was called live on air

She was called live on air

She was then cut off as Ranvir shouted: “Oh hang on a second my son is FaceTiming me whilst I’m on air.

“Sorry I’m just going to have answer to check if everything is OK at home.”

Co-host Adil Ray joked: “Breaking news.. ‘mum where’s the peanut butter’.”

Ranvir laughed: “Never off duty.”

After returning from an ad break, Susanna said: “So an update on Ranvir’s domestic arrangements.”

Susanna Reid updated viewers on Ranvir's unexpected call

Susanna Reid updated viewers on Ranvir’s unexpected call

“Apparently I’ve got to look out for an email with a verification for Brawl Stars which is what he’s doing instead of his spellings this morning,” said Ranvir.

“Sorry I feel like I’ve brought my entire domestic life into the studio this morning.”

She joked: “Might as well do a bit of ironing while I’m here.”

The presenters had been discussing former Prime Minister David Cameron’s wife Samantha revealing he liked employing women because they are perfectionists who “work harder” than men.

“My husband always says he loves employing women because they work harder,” she said on The Daily Telegraph’s Imposters podcast.

“They are perfectionists. What you get out of them is often much better than men.”


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