Holby City fans break down in tears as Kian dies from an overdose and Fletch makes an emotional speech

HOLBY City fans were left reeling from Kian Madani’s tragic death after battling with drug addiction.

Last week’s cliffhanger saw Kian (Ramin Karimloo) fall unconscious having relapsed during Evie and Andrei’s (Sonny Poon Tip) stabbing ordeal.

Fans were shocked as it was Kian’s last episodeCredit: BBC

Fletch was horrified to find Kian lifeless on the floor.

Kian was pronounced dead early in this week’s episode, after Max (Jo Martin), Hanssen (Guy Henry) and Chloe (Amy Lennox) desperately tried to save him in the operating theatre.

Fletch described Kian as “everyone’s favourite heart surgeon.”

Kian became an addict after he got his first prescription of painkillers.

Kian was battling an addiction with painkillers

Kian was battling an addiction with painkillersCredit: BBC

Kian was pronounced dead

Kian was pronounced deadCredit: BBC

Andrei was quick to accuse Lucky (Vineeta Rishi) as she said: “You fed him the drugs he asked you for. It’s your fault, Lucky.”

Jeong-Soo (Chan Woo Lim) blamed himself for Kian’s deathas he broke into the drugs cabinet left the door open for Kian raid – but Hanssen told him that he wasn’t to blame.

Chloe and Fletch were left reeling after Kian’s death as they didn’t know much he was struggling.

This prompted Fletch to give a speech to the staff about Kian and how they should go to him with any problems they might have.

Fletch rallied his staff to let them know they can come to him with any problems after Kian's tragic death

Fletch rallied his staff to let them know they can come to him with any problems after Kian’s tragic deathCredit: BBC

Fletch said: “We lost a great surgeon today, a good man, but there’s no point hiding that he was also someone who struggled.

“But he was family, as you all are… we do whatever we can, however big or small.

“And we help each other and that applies now more than ever.

“If any of you need me, I’m here for you, whatever your problems, however tiny you think they are, come and see me, speak up.”

Staff grieved over Kian

Staff grieved over KianCredit: BBC

He concluded: “Nobody is alone in any of this.”

In a compilation of slow-motion videos with sombre music, Fletch’s speech created a poignant moment near the end of the episode.

Fans were shocked by Kian’s death, as one said: “An amazing episode.

“Completely heart-breaking but that speech at the end?! So poignant. Beautiful ❤.”

Fan were distraught over the scenes

Fan were distraught over the scenesCredit: BBC

A second wrote: “Can’t believe he’s gone RIP Kian it won’t be the same without you!”

Another admitted: “I am crushed… another good one gone.”

Viewers were first introduced to Kian back in 2019.

The Holby City Twitter account paid tribute to Ramin’s first appearance.


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