IMPACT Wrestling: Don Callis fired from role as EVP in shock move

Tommy Dreamer fires IMPACT Wrestling EVP Don Callis in front of Scott D'Amore

Tommy Dreamer delivered the news to Scott D’Amore and Don Callis (Photo: IMPACT Wrestling)

IMPACT Wrestling ended on a massive bombshell as Don Callis was fired from his role as Executive Vice President.

Tommy Dreamer appeared as a representative for the promotion’s owners Anthem as he had both Callis and IMPACT chief Scott D’Amore in the ring, and insisted something needed to be done.

He said: ‘First of all, Sami Callihan is not fired, Sami Callihan has been reinstated. By me. The board has brought me to give that information as well as something else. And something else.

‘That something else is that someone else needs to be fired. Because when the two of you stared this thing, you called me up and I dropped everything because you said you were gonna change IMPACT.

‘And you said you were gonna care about the men and women in the back, you were gonna change perception and yes you did. But guess what? This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to do, but personal relationships and personal friendships have been put in front of IMPACT Wrestling business.’

Everything was built brilliantly, with Don coming off as so utterly dislikeable with his interjections pretending to care for D’Amore as it looked like the latter was being fired – and he played his part too with clear emotion.

Dreamer continued: ‘Scott, you have to understand – this place was great, but when you put personal goals and personal friendships in front of business, things need to change.

‘Yes, I told Anthem – yes, I told the board, and they’re gonna make a change. Effective immediately… Don Callis, you are fired from IMPACT Wrestling.

‘You are fired as an EVP. You’re fired. They’re letting you go. No, you’ve been terminated.’

Callis’ demeanour immediately changed as he started ranting about the decision, and D’Amore told his rival he has his ‘head shoved up [Kenny Omega’s] ass’.

With a knowing wink to WWE’s recent releases, Dreamer added: ‘Bye, Don! There’s a trash bag waiting for you in the back.’

As an added bonus, IMPACT also confirmed that – now he’s been reinstated – Callihan will face Omega for the world championship at Slammiversary next month.

*IMPACT Wrestling is available every Thursday night on the IMPACT Plus app.


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