In Plain Sight fans disgusted as family ‘cover up’ Peter Manuel’s crimes

IN Plain Sight fans were left disgusted as the serial killer Peter Manuel’s family appeared to “cover up” his evil crimes in the final episode.

Viewers got “goosebumps” as the serial killer (played by Martin Compston) was finally caught.

In Plain Sight fans watched serial killer Peter Manuel face justice tonightCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

The ITV drama – which originally aired on ITV in 2016 – follows the story of a man who killed eight people in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in the late 1950s.

Although many fans were left annoyed when they realised that the programme was a repeat, others were desperate for tonight’s finale so that Peter Manuel could “get his comeuppance”.

As the episode went on tonight many viewers were left convinced that Manuel’s family had an inkling “he was up to no good”.

One wrote on Twitter: “The whole family covering up for this psycho are part of the problem #inplainsight.”

Martin Compston plays serial killer Peter Manuel

Martin Compston plays serial killer Peter Manuel

A second said: “His family should be held accountable too, they had some idea he was up to no good but covered for him…#inplainsight.”

A third added: “No respect for anyone… even his own family #inplainsight.”

The serial killer was caught when detective William Muncie (Douglas Henshall) and his team found that he had stolen some banknotes from Peter Smart’s house after murdering him and his family.

He later went on to use these to pay for drinks in Glasgow and was subsequently arrested.

The show first aired back in 2016

The show first aired back in 2016

Manuel later confessed to eight murders and viewers flocked to the social media platform to share their thoughts on the gripping ending.

One wrote: “Got goosebumps at the end there. Fantastic acting. I really had to pinch myself a few times to remind myself that was a true story and someone that hideous actually existed. #InPlainSight.”

A second said: “Absolute goosebumps at the end. what a brilliant horrendous show #inplainsight.”

Another tweeted: “Brilliant series. Brilliant acting from everyone #inplainsight.”

Detective William Muncie is played by Douglas Henshall

Detective William Muncie is played by Douglas HenshallCredit: ITV Press Handout

A fourth wrote: “Superb stuff. Utterly chilling and all the worse for knowing it was based on a true story. Don’t have nightmares. #InPlainSight.”

Another said: “Chilling stuff #inplainsight.”

The killer pleaded “not guilty” for the crimes, but was later hanged in July 1958.

Manuel was born in 1927 to Scottish parents in New York, but his family emigrated back to Britain in 1932.

He lived in Birkenshaw, North Lanarkshire, and first got in trouble when he was just ten-years-old.

Martin Compston stars in trailer for ITV crime drama In Plain Sight


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