Inside Coolio’s troubled relationship history and scandals involving multiple baby mamas before dad-of-10’s death at 59

COOLIO, who died on Wednesday, has left behind 10 children, whom he shared with multiple women including ex-wife Josefa Salinas.

The rapper was not very public during his lifetime about his children.

Coolio fathered 10 children with various women during his lifetimeCredit: Getty – Contributor

The musician was admittedly absent from his kids' lives for portions of their upbringing

The musician was admittedly absent from his kids’ lives for portions of their upbringingCredit: Getty

When Coolio – born Artis Leon Ivey – 59 at the time of his death, rose to fame he was married to Josefa.

The pair were married in 1996 and called it quits after four years together.

During their relationship, the couple welcomed four children together – three daughters and one son.

They are parents to daughters Artisha Ivey, Brandi Ivey, Jackie Ivey, and son Artis Ivey III.

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He was also a father to six other children.

The late musician fathered those kids with various women and it’s unclear which children belong to which women.

His six other children include Grtis Ivey, Milan Ivey, Darius Ivey, Zhaneand Ivey, Kate Ivey, and Shayne Ivey.

The latter two kids are said to be twins.

The Gangsta’s Paradise singer may have also shared a child with ex Anabella Chatman.

Prior to his death, he had been romantically linked to model Mimi Ivey.


Coolio landed a reality show in 2008, which documented his journey as a single father.

The show, called Coolio’s Rules, aired briefly on Oxygen, coming to an end after only six episodes.

It only featured four of his children, however.

Coolio’s Rules followed the singer as he tried to be the father he never was to his older kids.

He aimed to get closer to Artisha and Brandi – 20 at the time – as well as Artis and Jackie, who were 18 and 15 respectively.

He said in a clip from the show: “I love them and they love me.”

In the pilot episode of the show, Coolio said: “They’re almost grown and I don’t have much time to catch up and teach them what my mama taught me.”


In 2010, Anabella took legal action in an attempt to get Coolio to pay child support according to TMZ.

The outlet reported that she was more interested in child support than money, however.

She told TMZ that she had to file for child support in order to prove to the state of California that she had explored and exhausted all options in order to qualify for Medi-Cal.

At the time, a local child support agency in Los Angeles filed documents seeking to convince a court to order the Aw, Here It Goes! rapper to pay $300 in child support for then-infant son Christopher Kal El Ivey Bellesi.

Filed documents suggested that Coolio was only earning $1,387 per month at the time.

Three years after the fact, the Grammy award winner faced even more legal drama with Anabella.


In 2013, TMZ reported that Coolio was arrested after he allegedly pushed his baby mama to the ground and punched her.

A police report obtained by the outlet claimed that the prolific hip hop star ran off after the incident, taking his toddler son and another woman – Melynda Karr – who was present at the time with him.

Anabella alleged that he struck her with his car as he tried to get away.

Police reported that she had tire marks on her leg when they arrived on the scene.

The New York Daily News reported that she was “covered in blood” and had a split lip, and a bleeding middle right finger as well.

The musician claimed that he was the victim in the scenario, according to TMZ, and that Anabella attacked him in a fit of jealousy.

Police were hesitant to believe the story, however, and arrested Coolio.

Days after the incident, he was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery constituting domestic violence.


News of Coolio’s passing broke on Wednesday.

His longtime manager, Jarez, told TMZ that the rapper had been visiting a friend when he died.

He reportedly went to use the restroom and never came out.

The friend went to check on him after some time and found him on the floor.

An official cause of death has not yet been released.

ABC News reporter Chris Cristi revealed that as of 4pm PST police were still on the scene at the home where the prolific singer was found dead.

Few additional details have been released.


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