Is Sheila leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

DAYTIME soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful features several larger-than-life characters.

Following a storyline full of deceit, conflict, and explosive secrets, fans are curious to know if series regular Sheila Carter is next to leave The Bold and The Beautiful.

Sheila Carter was originally a character on The Young and The Restless before crossing over to The B&B

Is Sheila leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

Sheila Carter, played by Kimberlin Brown, debuted on the show in 1990.

Ever since her character’s introduction, Sheila has played a part in a number of conflicts with the other figures in The Bold and The Beautiful.

Duplicity, betrayal, and attempted murder are nothing new to Sheila.

On the April 1, 2022 episode, she even went as far as to shoot and kill her own son, Finn, and his fianceé Steffy Forrester.

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In the wake of Finn’s death, Steffy survives, and Sheila is devastated.

Due to these developments in the series, B&B fans speculated on how and if the murdering mother will get caught.

Some fans even raised the possibility of her fleeing Los Angeles in fear of police officials learning of her crime.

On Twitter, one fan said: “It looks like Steffy is getting closer to remembering about what happened that night and Sheila Carter going to wish that she left town already.”

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A second fan tweeted: “I got a bad feeling that Sheila Carter will try to do something to Steffy and it will backfire on her and she will either be sent to a mental clinic because she starts seeing Finn’s ghost and we both know that she won’t be killing off.”

“I truly believe that Sheila Carter will throw Deacon Sharpe under the bus when the LAPD found the stuff that was stolen from Steffy/Finn’s body in Deacon’s room,” tweeted another viewer.

“Sheila wasn’t very smart to stick around town. She kept showing her face, obviously Steffy was going to remember at some point. I’m just glad writers didn’t drag the story along,” chimed one more viewer.

Despite online whispers that the murdering mom is fleeing town in order to avoid capture by law enforcement, no one from The Bold and The Beautiful team confirmed her departure.

Sheila is often plotting the downfall of other figures on the program

Sheila is often plotting the downfall of other figures on the programCredit: CBS

Any absences from the show that audiences might notice can be attributed to actress Kimberlin Brown’s vacation.

On April 12, 2022, the B&B star took to Instagram to post pictures from her getaway.

She captioned the post: “This road trip has been such an adventure.”

“The weather starting off windy, then snow storm has set me back three days.”

In contrast to her character Sheila, she added: “But seeing my friends and family has made the weather stress well worth it.”

On May 6, the actress hinted to her followers that she is returning to Los Angeles to film more of The Bold and The Beautiful.

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She captioned her Instagram post: “The weather has been amazing this past week!”

“Almost time to head back to L.A. I wonder what Sheila is planning next!”

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