“It’s a beacon of hope”

Pose star Dyllón Burnside has reflected on the show’s legacy, calling it “a beacon of hope for storytelling”.

The actor, who played Ricky Evangelista in all three seasons of Ryan Murphy’s FX show, recently spoke to NME about the impact of Pose since its third and final season aired in the US.

“This show will go down in history as the prototype for celebrating, not just queer folks, but the lives of marginalised people,” Burnside said. “It will be a beacon of hope for storytelling, and people will be referring to it as they continue to push for more inclusive storytelling, more storytelling that is hopeful and aspirational.

“As folks push for creative content to be produced by studios and networks, they will be able to point to Pose and say, ‘You can’t say that this can’t be successful because this show is massive hit. So greenlight my stuff.’”

Reflecting on the individual impact of Pose, Burnside also added: “The legacy will also be that the hope that it has inspired in so many people around the world. It will be the people who have felt seen and heard, People who every day write to me saying that because of Ricky, they are encouraged to be more of themselves.”

Next up, the actor will be starring in Ryan Murphy’s forthcoming anthology spin-off series American Horror Stories, which he called “bananas”.

“I had so much fun shooting,” Burnside said of the experience. “I love playing in horror but I am not a fan of watching it – I’m too anxious for that! But it’s just so much fun, it’s so heightened and there are so many moving parts.”

Meanwhile, the actor also released his latest single as a musician, ‘Heaven‘, earlier this month, wrestling with his upbringing in the Church.

“Growing up in the South in the US in a fairly religious background, there was lots of messaging about what kind of love was appropriate, what kind was not, what kind of love would be celebrated and what kind would not,” Burnside explained.

“For so long I was told that certain kinds of love would lead you to Hell, while also in the same breath being told that God is love, God is the pathway to Heaven and love is the pathway to Heaven and love and God do not discriminate.

“This song is a counter narrative to all of that – even to the Catholic Church who recently made statements about same-sex marriage. The song says that this is what Heaven actually feels like.”

Season three of Pose aired in May in the US – a UK release date is yet to be confirmed.


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