Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik slammed for ‘jarring response’ to contestant’s story amid fan-favorite Ken Jennings’ hiatus

MAYIM Bialik did not score points with Jeopardy! fans during Tuesday night’s Q&A round.

Her “jarring response” to a contestant’s story came as fan-favorite Ken Jennings announced he’d be on hiatus for “MONTHS.”

Mayim Bialik responded in a ‘jarring’ way at one point during May 10ths game

Mayim is hosting Jeopardy! this week, returning after Ken’s three weeks at the helm – and May 10th’s episode saw a surprising new winner.

Mallory Kass, a Brooklyn, New York editor inked out Danielle Mauer’s two-game streak – the latter defeated Canadian tutor Mattea Roach after her historic 23 games.

Hundreds of fans were stunned to discover Mallory wrote the bestselling book series The 100 under a pen name Kass Morgan – which was even turned into a CW series, one fan tweeting: “the author of the 100 is on jeopardy?!?!”

But less literary, according to fuming fans, was how Mayim responded to one audience member during tonight’s Q&A portion.

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Right-podium Cherry Ignacio, who did not win tonight, told a story during the portion of the show where the contestants share an anecdote about themselves – about autism research.

Cherry explained she helped implement a new way for people with autism to have tests administered involving saliva instead of a prick of blood.

Mayim, who is a neuroscientist, replied to the contestant with a joke.

“Glad to hear spitting in a tube went better than taking blood,” the host said.


Fans fumed on Twitter about the way Mayim handled the story.

“I like Cherry just based on her #Jeopardy story. Mayim’s response to it, not so much,” one wrote.

“It’s jarring how much worse JEOPARDY! is when Mayim Bialik hosts,” bashed another.

Though the mixed reviews on Mayim are no secret, another fan wrote: “Ken would have had a more heartfelt response.”

Others noted that Mayim “slows down the game and her responses come off as condescending.”

While a fifth wrote: “I love Mayim, but she takes 3 seconds to say someone is correct.”

Indeed Double Jeopardy wasn’t completed tonight as time ran out.

“I hate when they don’t finish the board. Ugh,” wrote a fifth on the overall way the actress handled hosting.


This week Mayim returned to the host podium to be main host – and fans were shocked as Ken announced on Twitter: “I’m handing the keys back to the talented actor-producer-writer-director (!) Mayim Bialik for a few months.”

Ken currently shares hosting duties with Mayim, 46, with Jeopardy! with an official replacement for the legendary Alex Trebek to be announced this July at the end of Season 38.

He sang his costar’s praises as he continued in his tweet: “We are lucky to have her! 

“Thanks for watching, and I’ll be back before the end of the season.”

One wrote: “For a few months? Guess I won’t be watching for that long, then.”

Another added: “You will be so missed, Ken! You just need to be the permanent host! Why is this not obvious to the powers that be?

The show’s ratings nearly doubled as Ken, 47, made his first appearance and hosted through contestant Amy Schneider‘s two-month winning streak.

Ken’s view count dropped in January after Amy left, but Ken still averaged a commendable 9.2 million views, surpassing Wheel of Fortune and other competing game show ratings.

However, when Mayim, 46, took over her hosting duties for the Jeopardy! College Championship back in February, viewers tuned out, and the headcount dropped to 5.5 million viewers.

Actress Mayim was first named the new Jeopardy! host, along with former Jeopardy! producer Mike Richards, following Alex’s death in 2020.

But after Mike landed in hot water for comments he had made on an old podcast, he announced he was stepping down as host – only a week after his debut.

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