Linda makes decision after Janine forces her to leave

LINDA Carter is struggling to battle her alcohol addiction and fix her marriage with Mick Carter.

Soon enough, Janine Butcher gets involved again and orders her to leave the Square next week in EastEnders – but will she go for it?

Janine piles on the pressure on Linda CarterCredit: BBC

She gives her rival an offer she can't refuse

She gives her rival an offer she can’t refuseCredit: BBC

But will she really go along with it?

But will she really go along with it?Credit: BBC

Will there be another departure from Albert Square for Linda (portrayed by Kellie Bright)?

In scenes due to air next week, her lingering connection with her soon-to-be former husband Mick (Danny Dyer) is too hard to handle for the latter’s new love interest, Janine (Charlie Brooks).

Janine is put out when Mick decides to go for a walk with Linda and Shirley reminds her that the childhood sweethearts will always have chemistry, in spite of her wishes.

While the Vic landlord goes above and beyond to help Linda get rid of her reliance on booze, Janine’s paranoia grows when Mick tells her he’ll be attending meetings with Linda as a form of support.

Matters are made worse by Nancy who tells Janine she left her parents alone after spotting them together and Sonia Fowler gives Janine a reality check about what her priorities should be.

Feeling threatened by Linda’s presence in Walford, Janine listens to nothing and hatches a plan to get rid of her rival once and for all – she offers her £25k to leave the Square and never look back.

Surprisingly, Linda agrees but there’s a catch as she asks Janine for double the money.

She then takes great pleasure in playing on Janine’s insecurity and plants more doubts in her mind about her future with Mick.

Janine takes her plan to the next level and later meets with Linda.

The villain promises she has the money but tells Linda that if she wants it all, she will have to leave the following day.

Linda complies and prepares to leave Albert Square behind, along with Mick and her children.

She says a subtle goodbye to her family, until Zack Hudson clocks on to what is happening.

Linda made a thunderous return to the fictional borough ahead of Tina Carter’s funeral and her comeback has ruffled Janine’s feathers ever since.

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Will she leave Walford once again or could Zack put a stop to her exit?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Zack clocks on to Janine's plan

Zack clocks on to Janine’s planCredit: BBC

But will he stop Linda from leaving?

But will he stop Linda from leaving?Credit: BBC


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