Loki episode 2: Fans obsess over Tom Hiddleston’s Latin monologue

Loki’s Latin stirred fans into a frenzy (Picture: Disney+)

*Warning: Spoilers ahead for episode 2 of Loki*

Marvel’s favourite God of Mischief has been setting fans’ hearts aquiver once more after the second episode of Disney Plus’ Loki series debuted – and this time it’s for a very specific reason, linked to star Tom Hiddleston.

As our hero of the show – 2012 Tesseract-stealing Loki – learns more about the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and working alongside its agent Mobius M Mobius (Owen Wilson), all bets are off as to where in the world (and when) the pair could visit on missions as the TVA puts its detainee to work tracking down another version of himself.

This leads to a scene in Loki’s second episode where the Asgardian anti-hero rocks up in Pompeii in 79 CE, ready to test an apocalyptic theory as Mount Vesuvius begins its infamous eruption.

Here the Hiddlestoners and/or classicists were then treated to a spot of Latin, courtesy of Loki, as he disobeyed Mobius’ orders to keep a low profile and decided to release goats from a cart while proclaiming to all Pompeiians that they were doomed – in the dead language.

Unsurprisingly for a Cambridge-educated classicist, Tom’s confidence with Latin was clear to see and fans flooded to Twitter to praise both his flair and pronunciation, as well as the very fact of it happening.

First off there was just general glee over this happenstance.

Everyone’s right to be excited about the episode’s ending, but I will never recover from #Loki gleefully delivering a whole speech in Latin. The show can end now—THAT is the high point.

— Charlee Mandy (@charleemandy) June 16, 2021

For some it was more about the classroom flashbacks.

If you told me in college that all those years studying (and minoring in) Latin would come in handy watching a Marvel show … #Loki

— Meredith Jacobs (@MeredithJJacobs) June 16, 2021

Then more experts started weighing in on Tom’s pronunciation, praising his work – are we surprised? The man holds a double first.

#loki spoilers

tom hiddleston pronounces the v as w thank you tom for the bare minimum 🙏 the amount of movies i’ve seen where the actors don’t know basic latin pronunciation

— fulvia ☤ (@defendersbruce) June 16, 2021

Minor #Loki  spoilers//

Tom Hiddleston prancing around a doomed Pompeii, delivering his lines in FLAWLESS Latin, had me grinning like an idiot. This man was absolutely born to play this role, and it’s a joy for us to behold. This is the God of Mischief at his finest, folks. pic.twitter.com/02b8JZpzR2

— Andrew Cook (@AndrewCooker) June 16, 2021

As Tom is also an Executive Producer on Loki, fans were also really excited by the idea that he could very well have suggested the whole scenario himself.

#Loki #LokiSpoilers
No but can we talk about Tom speaking Latin? Using the correct classical pronunciation and not the one used by the Church? And I bet it was Tom that insisted on it 😭 how I love him pic.twitter.com/fa732sdhen

— Nicole🌺✨🌘 (@zireael5_) June 16, 2021

#Loki #spoilers

Loki speaking Latin 🤣 I bet it’s Tom himself who suggest this scene 🤣

— Daybreak’s Bell ⏳ Loki Spoilers (@_daybreaksbell) June 16, 2021

am I the only one who loved the scene where #Loki spoke Latin because you can see Tom Hiddleston’s influence in the character

— ash ✨ (@ashpling) June 16, 2021

It remains to be seen where else in history Loki may travel in the series’ remaining four episodes – the possibilities are myriad – but suffice it to say that fans are very much on board if he wants to pop back to the Roman Empire at any point.

The first two episodes of Loki are out now on Disney Plus, with new episodes dropping on Wednesdays.


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