Love Island 2021: Brad’s head turned by Lucinda as Rachel breaks down

Rachel was left in tears about something (Picture: ITV)

Things got messy on Love Island as the arrival of new bombshells Lucinda Strafford and Millie Court saw heads get turned all over the shop, especially Brad McLelland who looks set to leave Rachel Finni distraught.

As the girls were distracted with a brunch, Lucinda and Millie arrived in the villa where the lads were hanging out in the garden, recovering from a showdown between Hugo and Sharon the night before.

Immediately the boys did their best to graft with Brad in particular taking a liking to Lucinda, despite coupling up with Rachel days before after she saved him from being dumped.

Brad told Lucinda that she was his type and described himself, Aaron and Hugo as ‘chilled out’.

The girls sent the boys a selfie from their afternoon out after getting misty-eyed about their feelings, however the lads responded by texting them a selfie…with Lucinda and Millie. Cue utter shock around the table, with a concerned Rachel confessing she was ‘s******g herself’.

To make things worse, scenes from tomorrow night’s episode revealed Brad and Lucinda get to go on a date with ‘buzzing’ Brad telling her straight out that he couldn’t wait to share a bed with her.

Lucinda on Love Island

Lucinda chats to the guys (Picture: ITV)

Love Island

Spicy: The boys looked excited to get to know the new girls (Picture: ITV)

We don’t yet know where this leaves Rachel, but the sight of her sobbing in the Beach Hut suggests it won’t be anywhere good.

Viewers on Twitter were fuming at Brad for getting his head turned so easily.

rachel’s crying cos of the embarrassment and i get it #loveisland

— Daniellé DASH (@DanielleDASH) July 6, 2021

Could’ve sworn that Brad said Rachel was his type, approximately 67 times in the last two episodes…? #LoveIsland

— Steph Fernandez (@thefirststeph) July 6, 2021

The fact that Brad got Rachel crying twice in a row, honestly this girl needs to let go and be on demon time#LoveIsland

— Teleema🪐 (@_telekinesis_) July 6, 2021

Every bombshell that’s walked Brad’s been like🤯 why does he react like he hasn’t ever seen girls🤣#LoveIsland

— ☁️ (@arxfakt) July 6, 2021

rachel has been coupled with brad for two episodes and he has made her cry more times than the other girls #LoveIsland

— liz (@alsolizzie) July 6, 2021

Honestly think Brad’s type is going to be any new girl that walks in to that villa🙄 #LoveIsland

— Chloe Appleby (@chloappleby16) July 6, 2021

And with Aaron seeming to go off Sharon after her row with Hugo, and Toby looking keen on the new bombshells too, it looks like there may be a few broken hearts in store.

Love Island continues Wednesday at 9pm on ITV2.


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