Love Island 2021: Fans livid as Brad ‘rates Rachel a 9’ after coupling

Is Rachel going to end up regretting her decision to choose Brad? (Picture: ITV)

Love Island viewers were left livid after Brad McClelland rated Rachel Finni a nine out of 10 after she saved him from being dumped over Chuggs Wallis, jokingly saying that she had ‘room for improvement’.

On tonight’s episode of Love Island, fans finally discovered who Rachel decided to couple up with after Sunday’s instalment ended with a dramatic cliffhanger.

Rachel decided to go with Brad in the end, immediately feeling extremely apologetic towards Chuggs.

‘It’s not a nice feeling doing something that’s right for you that can actually hurt someone else,’ Rachel said in the Beach Hut, while Brad teared up after he found out he’d been saved.

After bidding farewell to Chuggs, Rachel and Brad had a one-on-one chat, with Brad telling her that in his view, being paired up with Rachel ‘is the start of getting to know someone’.

Nonetheless, he then added when asked by Rachel that he would rate her a nine out of 10. A massive rookie error!

Chuggs Wallis on Love Island

Chuggs was dumped from the island after Rachel chose Brad (Picture: ITV)

To rub even more salt into the wound, Brad then jokingly added that Rachel has ‘room for improvement’, prompting her to call out: ‘Chuggs, do you want to come back?’

In the Beach Hut, Rachel explained that she wanted Brad to give her some reassurance… which he didn’t appear to deliver.

Love Island viewers were astounded by the ‘rating’ Brad gave Rachel, with one tweeting: ‘If my man rated me a 9/10 he would not be my man anymore.’

‘Did Brad just rate Rachel 9/10?? WHAT ??? SHE IS A 100,’ another said.

Brad’s already starting some bs!?? #LoveIsland

— Kaz be my 4liferr🥺💍 (@jamilah_bangura) July 5, 2021

did brad just rate rachel 9/10?? WHAT ??? SHE IS A 100 #LoveIsland

— becky 🇵🇸 (@spoticry) July 5, 2021

‘A what? A nine? This man has no shame. Send him home right now. NOW,’ someone else wrote.

‘“Room for improvement”. How to lose someone in three words,’ another remarked.

Despite the supreme awkwardness of their conversation, things seemed to heat up between Rachel and Brad when they shared a bed together for the first time.

Meanwhile, Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish became the first couple to spend a night alone together in the Hideaway.

Love Island returns tomorrow at 9pm and is available to to watch on ITV Hub.


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