Love Island 2021: Kaz and Toby in trouble as he gawps at new girls?

Toby didn’t know what hit him when the new girls arrived (Picture: ITV)

Love Island teased the arrival of new bombshells Lucinda and Millie and it’s already pretty clear some heads are about to be turned in a big way.

Kaz Kamwi and Toby Aromoloran are currently the favourites to win the series with Toby recently deciding to make more of an effort with her.

However it could be short lived if his reaction to the new girls’ arrival is anything to go by.

A brief shot of Lucinda and Millie walking arm in arm into the villa was followed by Toby’s stunned, open-mouthed expression as he watched them come in.

He had already been unsure about his feelings for Kaz – is she about to get pied off?

Elsewhere in an episode there seemed to be cooling off all round as Brad and Rachel and Jake and Liberty hit stumbling blocks in their relationship – or rather Brad and Jake put the blocks in the way.

Love Island Millie

Will Toby be a fan of Millie? (Picture: ITV)

Love Island

Lucinda is set to turn some heads (Picture: ITV)

Rachel was reduced to tears following a conversation with Brad – who she chose over now-dumped islander Chuggs – in which he told her to try and get to know other people in the villa, leaving her confused about his feelings for her.

Liberty was also questioning her situationship following a sensual night in the Hideaway which saw Jake strip off to his underwear and give her a massage.

The following day he confessed over brunch that he would try to get to know another girl who came into the villa if she was his type which left Liberty upset and confused.

There’s no doubt Lucinda and Millie are going to cause fireworks, and there are fireworks in store for Hugo too, as the teaser for the next instalment suggested there had been some sort of falling out between him and Sharon.

Shocking scenes showed Hugo in floods of tears and being comforted by the other boys over something he apparently said. What happened between them?

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.


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