Million Dollar Listing’s Luiz D Ortiz accused of ‘abuse & torment’ by baby mama but he slams claims saying ‘I’m a saint’

THE star of Million Dollar Listing: New York, Luis D. Ortiz, has been accused of ‘harassment and abuse’ by the mother of his child.

The pair have been embroiled in a bitter custody battle with Ortiz slamming the claims as false.

The realtor is fighting accusations made by his ex partnerCredit: Getty

The 34-year-old realtor defended his ‘saint-like’ character asking fans for privacy during these difficult times during an interview on Tuesday.

Luiz opened up about the accusations on Good Day NY with Rosanna Scotto as he promoted his latest Netflix special, Amazing Vacation Rentals.

The star’s ex-girlfriend Nikita Singh set up an online crowdsourcing campaign on GoFundMe titled ‘Justice for Nikita & Leela Legal Bills’ where she made her claims.

Nikita claimed that Luis has made false accusations against her

Nikita claimed that Luis has made false accusations against herCredit: Bravo

Nikita claimed that Luis has falsely accused her of abducting their child, Leela, to live in the UK. 

Singh accused her former partner of ‘harassment and abuse’, with a second statement on GoFundMe claiming:

“I am currently fighting for my basic human right to live a normal stable life with my daughter,’ Singh writes in her GoFundMe page.”

Nikita's GoFundMe

Nikita’s GoFundMeCredit: Gofundme

“Out of fear I have never spoken openly about the levels of suffering I endured from Luis D Ortiz and other members of his family.”

When asked about the allegations surrounding custody over his daughter Leela, Luis said: “just like I said to every other person, I will never ever talk about my daughter in public.” 

“Everything that’s been put online is completely untrue, and the reason I haven’t responded is number one, I don’t have to; number two, this is the private life of my daughter; and number three, this is something that we have to do on our own.”

The reality star claims he is a 'saint'

The reality star claims he is a ‘saint’Credit: Instagram

He added: “Regardless of what’s been said, you’ve known me for millions of years, and everybody that’s known me for millions of years — I am a saint.” 

“I love my family and I’ve always been a family man, and I will continue to do what I have to do, but on my own personal time and in my privacy.”

“I don’t have to share that with anyone.”.

Leela's birth was documented in 2019

Leela’s birth was documented in 2019Credit: Bravo

The million dollar listing: New York star’s ex-partner initially had claimed:

“He is demanding that we return to the USA immediately so that he can have control over me once more.”

“I have requested assistance from the UK government.”

Nikita and Leela currently reside in the UK

Nikita and Leela currently reside in the UKCredit: Instagram / Nikita Singh

‘I have not stopped Luis from seeing his child. My lawyer has clearly stated so in writing. In fact inviting him to see Leela”,

 ‘I am publicly reaching out and asking for support and to bring awareness of our situation. This is the longest Leela has lived in one place and I am begging to not uproot her.”,

“Unfortunately when it comes to abuse and mental health most people refuse to get involved. So I am asking the public for their help.”

Leela’s birth was documented in an episode of the reality show Million Dollar Listing: New York in 2019.

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