Moira Dingle disgusted as husband Cain lashes out at mum Faith

CAIN Dingle has been at loggerheads with his mother Faith for several weeks.

But the Emmerdale tough man takes things too far and shocks his wife Moira, portrayed by Natalie J. Robb.

Faith has been keeping a secret from her familyCredit: ITV

She has also been trying to build a bridge with Cain

She has also been trying to build a bridge with CainCredit: ITV

But he's far from receptive

But he’s far from receptiveCredit: ITV

Faith – played by Sally Dexter – has been acting out in the ITV Dales and her behaviour has been a cause for concern for many villagers.

In recent scenes, the character was seen lashing out at young Amelia Spencer (portrayed by Daisy Campbell).

To make matters worse, she is unable to build a bridge with her son Cain (Jeff Hordley) despite her numerous attempts.

Coming up next week, Faith apologises to Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) for the last week’s incident which led to her grab and throw one of Amelia’s dumbbells after losing her temper.

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This led to her breaking one of Dan’s windows, causing considerable damage to his home.

However, while Dan’s reaction to the apology remains to be seen by viewers, it becomes clearer and clearer that Cain wants nothing further to do with his own mother.

In a shocking scene, Cain wishes death upon her… right in front of Moira.

The farmer is appalled beyond words, but how will she tell her husband?

Moira was previously a witness to Faith’s outburst against Amelia but tries to remain supportive.

Meanwhile, Cain has had enough of Faith’s behaviour but is also still seething after her many secrets.

Faith notably kept Nate Robinson’s identity a secret, hiding the fact that he was Cain’s son and he has struggled to forgive her ever since.

To make matters worse, Faith even lied about a cancer relapse in a bid to keep him close to her.

Recently, Faith has spiralled out of control as she hides yet another devastating secret from her family.

Emmerdale fans have since been speculating about what Faith’s secret could be, and it doesn’t look good for Cain.

ITV viewers are convinced that despite being introduced as Chas’ brother and Faith’s son, Cain could not even be biologically related to either of them.

But could they be right?

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How will Moira react after hearing Cain is wishing his mother the worst?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

What is Faith hiding?

What is Faith hiding?Credit: ITV

Her behaviour continues to spiral out of control

Her behaviour continues to spiral out of controlCredit: ITV


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