People In This Online Group Pointed Out 35 Things Shown In Movies That Are Weird In Real Life

Movies and TV shows provide a perfect setting for escapism with their twisting plots, colorful characters, and captivating stories (also the abundance of on-screen hotties). But not all the situations are relatable, as well as certain depictions of daily things that are not quite close to reality. Whether it’s the continuity department not paying too much attention to certain details, or it happening by sheer accident and focus getting directed to more important plot points—spectators will point out numerous unrealistic details. But we all know it’s a quest to find a parking place right in front of your house, how practically impossible it is guessing other people’s passwords correctly in less than 3 goes, or that there’s no point in believing in the existence of fresh-out-of-college young and aspiring artists immediately landing a huge flat in a prime area of LA.

r/AskReddit—a place for asking and answering various questions—recently inquired about “What happens in movies or TV that seems to be normal and you think to yourself ’that is not what people in real life do?’” And below are the pretty spot-on answers that will make you look twice at some scenes of the movie or TV show you’re currently watching.

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Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)(Hands someone a burner phone.)

“Keep this on you day and night. It rings, you betta answer.”

“Okay. Do you have the charger?”

“The what?”

“This phone, did it come with a charger? It’s not USB. It has one of those cylindrical ports, like on an old Nokia.”

“Look pal…”

“Hey, you’re the one giving out phones. It’s charged now. How did you charge it?”

llcooljessie , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Women can be in the jungle for weeks, and they don’t have hair growing anywhere. Men immediately begin to grow a beard.

Dream_babe , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)When women run around in heels with perfect hair and makeup, and the dirt and sweat makes their hair and makeup look even better.

Looking at you, Jurassic World.

ISeeMusicInColor , Universal Pictures Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Answers phone:

“Hello? (listens to the caller for one second)… what do you mean Tim got kidnapped by a drug cartel while he was shopping with his family in his trip to South America?”

Casper_Arg , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Preparing a huge five-star breakfast (pancakes, waffles, fruit, biscuits, oatmeal, omelette, etc.) that no one eats; I don’t even understand why that’s a thing in movies and TV shows.

RefinedJoker , Universal Pictures Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Whenever a simple miscommunication happens, no ever stops and clarifies with the other person. Like if one 10 sec conversation can derail an entire plot thread im not interested.

bleedsdaylight121 , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Having highly confidential conversations about 4 foot away from the people they are talking about, and not being overheard.

Goose-rider3000 , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)In horror movies, everyone runs upstairs. If there was something chasing you wouldn’t head for the door to get outside? Also you’re creeped out in the house but you never turn on the light?

Horrorwriterme , Flickr Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)One thing that drives me berserk in movies is when someone is driving and talking to their passenger. They refuse to keep their eyes on the road and insist on making prolonged eye contact with the person next to them. In the movies this often means a jump-scare car crash is about to happen.

I’d like to say that’s unrealistic but my mom used to drive that way all the time. I hated going anywhere with her.

RonPolyp , Miramax Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)School buses honking and waiting for kids that are still in the house. If I wasn’t at the bus stop when the bus arrived, it would drive on by. It didn’t stop. It didn’t honk. It didn’t wait.

DannyC990 , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Always talking all clever and witty, without uhhh stuttering, or ummm…. pausing to think about what you’re going to say, or never forgetting what you were about to say, what else was I going to say? I forgot.

There are only two movies with realistic dialogue: Napoleon Dynamite and the Big Lebowski

elf-pudding , Fox Searchlight Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Being a young, aspiring artist/writer/actor living alone in a nice, spacious apartment in a prime area of a big city like New York or LA.

SDFDuck , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Be a struggling writer while living in a multi-million dollar mansion. That one always puzzles me.

Or, a family moves into an expensive house, but neither parent has a job lined up yet. Yeah, how’d that loan approval process go, you frauds? You can’t tell me they could all pay cash…

sump___erson , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Come over to a friend’s place, stay there for all of 30 seconds to talk about something plot-relevant, and then just leave right away.

fd1760 , Warner Bros Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)On the phone making plans: “ok, meet me at 5?” “sure.” And that’s the whole plan. Where are you meeting? Planning to meet someone in a public place never goes this smoothly

bees_knees5628 , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Dreaming of kissing a beautiful woman, but actually you’re just being licked by a f****** animal

I_Am_Terry , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)The amount of ultimatums in “romantic” movies is appalling. No real relationship can last if you’re at the point of an ultimatum, you’re just putting a dysfunctional relationship on life support for another week or two.

People don’t stop doing stupid s***, they just learn to hide it from you better.

TemptCiderFan , Unsplash Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)Taking turns talking. Like in cop shows when one cop begins an explanation, then the next one picks up the story at a seamlessly convenient spot, then the third adds, “but…” and throws in some more.

No one in real life has ever talked like that.

madcats323 Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)putting baby in a playpen when your friend visits and said baby doesn’t scream.

dudettte , Flickr Report

Happens-Movies-TV-Normal-Real-Life (Closed)In the show Workin’ Moms, there’s an office meeting where people sit down, do the jokes and plot points, and then adjourn the meeting.

At no point do they talk about anything related to work. What was the meeting for?

aintnufincleverhere , CBC Report


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