Rob Rinder clashes with MP while interrupting her in heated row

Rob Rinder couldn’t refrain from interrupting an MP during a tense discussion on today’s Good Morning Britain, saying he didn’t care if he got in ‘trouble’ for his interjections.

On Wednesday morning, Rinder and his co-host Charlotte Hawkins welcomed shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper onto the show, where the politician was questioned on the Labour Party’s position on strike action.

Following the sacking of Labour shadow minister Sam Tarry, who was axed from the opposition frontbench last month after joining strikers and giving interviews on the picket line, Rinder wanted to know where Cooper stood on industrial action.

‘Your leader said it was inappropriate for you to join your strikes, despite that people ignored him. Can you understand why people have had simply enough of the Labour party that doesn’t stand by them and therefore want to reduce the amount it’s going to give you?’ he asked.

In response, Cooper said: ‘Working people have seen their wages drop over many years. The real squeeze is happening now. What we want to see is stronger growth, lower inflation and better pay and conditions for working people. It’s why we’ve put forward proposals for fair pay agreements.’

However at this point, Rinder piped up, saying: ‘Yvette Cooper, one of the things I admire about you,’ while also adding: ‘I’m sorry, I’m going to get into trouble for interrupting you.’

‘You’ve interrupted me again Rob,’ the politician said while smiling (Picture: ITV)

‘You’ve interrupted me again Rob,’ Cooper said, with a wry smile.

The barrister admitted that while usually he would ‘care’, on this occasion, he didn’t.

‘Normally, I would care, but I don’t on this one,’ he stated, before adding: ‘You’re normally known for giving straightforward answers.’

Yvette Cooper on GMB

Rinder urged Cooper to deliver ‘straightforward answers’ (Picture: ITV)

Pushing Cooper further for an answer, he emphasised to their guest that people striking are ‘ordinary people whose wages are going down’, stressing that ‘this is the union that built the Labour party’.

‘Do you support strikes, yes or no? You can’t be that worried about your job,’ he asked.

In response, Cooper answered: ‘We support people’s work to strike of course. It’s very important.

‘It’s how working people for decades have been able to argue for better pay. But we also want to see a proper government plan.’

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.


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