RuPaul’s Drag Race star Laganja Estranja comes out as trans

Laganja Estranja has come out as trans (Picture: Getty)

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Laganja Estranja said she feels ‘incredible’ after coming out as trans.

Laganja, 32, told Entertainment Weekly she is ‘not going to live life in fear anymore’ having ‘presented as female for the last 10 years’ as a drag performer.

The TV star, who appeared on Drag Race in 2014, described how freeing it was being able to express her gender identity ‘at all times’ having initially told others she was nonbinary.

She said: ‘I just got my haircut – a very feminine cut – and in one week already, my life has changed. I’m able to come off stage and take my make-up off and still see a beautiful woman in the mirror. It’s powerful.’

Laganja recently came out to her family and shared they had been ‘incredibly supportive’.

The reality TV star also had ‘hope and encouragement’ from fellow transgender Drag Race star Gia Gunn, saying Gia has ‘known longer than I have’ about her gender identity.

Laganja Estranja

The Drag Race star feels ‘powerful’ having come out (Picture: Instagram)

‘She allowed me to take my time and continued to be supportive,’ Laganja said of Gia, ‘by physically seeing her change and the fact that she’s been able to live a happy life and have lovers and have boyfriends – all the things trans women, I think, worry about when they came out – gave me hope and encouragement.’

Laganja, who is still going to go by Jay to her closest pals, hopes to be a beacon to other trans people and bring about social and political change for the trans community.

‘I’m so happy. I feel so beautiful and empowered, and, finally, I’m looking back at who I am in the mirror, and it’s such an incredible feeling,’ she said.

‘If anyone is struggling with it, breathe and accept it, because once you do, it’s incredibly empowering.’


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