Saturday Kitchen’s Matt Tebbutt berates Naga Munchetty over ‘dig’

NAGA Munchetty was berated by Matt Tebbutt on Saturday’s BBC Breakfast this morning after she made a dig at his cooking show.

The 46-year-old was jokingly scolded by Matt, 47, after she poked fun of his show while handing over from BBC Breakfast to Saturday Kitchen.

Naga Munchetty made a subtle dig at Matt Tebbutt's show today

Naga Munchetty made a subtle dig at Matt Tebbutt’s show todayCredit: BBC

Handing over alongside Charlie Stayt, the pair had just wrapped an interview with show regulars, Dr Chris Smith and Professor Linda Bauld when she introduced that Matt’s show was next to air on BBC One.

Matt then appeared on viewers screens to tease his upcoming show as a way to keep viewers on the channel but Naga accidentally dropped a dig over his show.

Introducing Matt’s show, she began saying: “At 10 o’clock we are off air and Matt Tebbutt takes over in the Saturday Kitchen cooking up all sorts of delights.”

Turning her attention directly to Matt, Naga asked: “I’m excited about your program today. What have you got on?”

Martin took the comment in positive spirits

Martin took the comment in positive spiritsCredit: BBC

He then introduced his show for the day

He then introduced his show for the dayCredit: BBC

Feeling witty, Matt hit back: “What do you mean today? You should always be excited about our show.”

Without giving Naga a chance to explain, Matt quickly began explaining what was going on over on his show today.

He told viewers how his special guest of the day was Irish TV presenter Angela Scanlon.

Matt said: “Good morning guys. Our special guest today is Angela Scanlon.”

Sitting next to Matt a smiling Angela could be seen as she said to viewers: “Hello, good morning.”

Matt then asked her how she was and vice versa before going on to explain what else was going on over on his show.

He said: “As usual it’s down to you guys at home to decide what Angela gets to eat at the end of the show.

“Go to the website for voting details and we’ll see you at 10.”


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