Someone Shared This Artsy Pic Their Delivery Person Took, Folks Responded With Creative Edits And Pics Taken By Their Couriers

It is said that beauty lies in everyday experiences. And it seems that during the pandemic, when everything has slowed down, we started to notice and appreciate everything even more. These times proved that we really live in a comfortable environment: we can see, hear and communicate with each other despite the distance, learn and work without missing a thing and get our groceries or meals without even leaving the house and risking our lives.

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Sometimes we can find art in the most unexpected places and this delivery guy proved this to be true

This girl contacted the delivery guy/photographer to tell him about the successful shot that he took just to show that her order was next to her door

Image credits: em____dash

Lacking a real connection with others can teach us to appreciate those rare encounters with others more. One recent example could be a Twitter user @em____dash and her sharing a beautiful picture that was taken by a delivery man of her Chinese food order. Little did they both know that this post will get viral getting 271k likes, 16.9k retweets, and 823 comments praising the simplicity and the beauty of the picture. Soon after, Twitter users started sharing their edited versions of the picture and photos of the food deliveries they received from their delivery people. These pictures look funny rather than artsy being blurred to the point where one cannot even see if there is something or being put on a fire extinguisher.

Twitter users shared their edited versions of the picture making it more artsy

Image credits: fuckenvirgo

Image credits: aboutchintan

No matter the situation, those who work in a delivery became essential workers during this time. Changing delivery trends made them work harder and faster, risking their health. Even though we were facing some restrictions, we didn’t lose our habits of living comfortably, eating good food, and getting things we want. Only they have to be delivered straight to our home. Having this in mind, some people even tried to make a connection with their delivery couriers. Bored Panda already covered an example of people trying to make delivery workers’ day and get some communication with an outside world.

Do you also have some funny or remarkable delivery stories to share? Comment down below!

Image credits: _hippoocampus_

Image credits: ThisIsFRSH

Image credits: _MrWhite1

From lovely sepia shades to spooky film-noir vibes, Twitter users did not hold back with the editing

Image credits: jimmygunawanapp

Image credits: NathaniaDrake

This Twitter user possibly created a poster for a movie about the pandemic

Image credits: choiruddinH

Some users changed the picture into an album cover and it looks pretty realistic, isn’t it?

Image credits: CurtisLSharkey

Image credits: FatHorseGnB

Image credits: rickytheintern

The post got other users to share the pictures that they got from their delivery couriers, and it seems that not everyone can be a photographer

Image credits: Decetacular

Image credits: 80aidan_

Image credits: Mari3HUNNA

Image credits: M2MosesTrust

Image credits: erickcastles

Image credits: erickcastles

Image credits: parker_b_n

Image credits: StevenM71649812


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