Spotify reveals its most played TV soundtracks of all time

Spotify has announced its most loved TV soundtracks of all time, from Stranger Things to Friends.

Research obtained by the streaming platform from Freesat analysed over 100 TV show soundtracks.

From its findings, Spotify was able to determine the most played soundtracks, average plays per soundtrack, the most loved theme tunes and the most played song from the top soundtracks.

A broad variation of shows featured in Spotify’s top 10 soundtracks, from HBO‘s mammoth TV milestone Game Of Thrones to teen drama Euphoria.

The show at the top of the international list of most played soundtracks was Netflix hit series Stranger Things.

Millie Bobby Brown in ‘Stranger Things’ CREDIT: Netflix

The show, which is set to return in 2022 with its fourth season, earned the top spot with five billion plays.

This was a significant step up from show in second place, One Tree Hill, which has garnered 1.7 billion plays. See the full list of shows and their play counts below.

  1. Stranger Things – 5 billion plays
  2. One Tree Hill – 1.7 billion plays
  3. This Is Us – 1.3 billion plays
  4. Game Of Thrones – 1 billion plays
  5. The O.C. – 958 million plays
  6. Big Little Lies – 860 million plays
  7. Orange Is The New Black – 857 million plays
  8. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – 709 million plays
  9. Euphoria – 544 million plays
  10. Empire – 476 million plays

However, the platform’s list of most played TV theme songs veered in a different direction. See the list below.

  1. Supernatural – ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ – 363 million plays
  2. One Tree Hill – ‘I Don’t Want to Be’ – 142 million plays
  3. Friends – ‘I’ll Be There For You’ – 138 million plays
  4. The O.C. – ‘California’ – 99.3 million plays
  5. Big Little Lies – ‘Cold Little Heart’ – 60.4 million plays
  6. Game Of Thrones – ‘Main Title’ – 46.6 million plays
  7. Stranger Things – ‘Stranger Things’ – 46 million plays
  8. Orange Is The New Black – ‘You’ve Got Time’ – 28.6 million plays
  9. Westworld – ‘Main Title Theme’ – 26.3 million plays
  10. Band of Brothers – ‘Main Titles’ – 22.3 million plays

Stranger Things is no stranger to topping soundtrack charts. In January, a study revealed that the show had topped the list of the most-streamed Netflix soundtracks on Spotify.


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