Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Dowden was trolled for Covid vaccine

Strictly Come Dancing's Amy Dowden reveals she received online abuse for getting her Covid vaccine early

Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Dowden received online abuse for Covid vaccine (Picture:Backgrid/BBC)

Amy Dowden, a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, has stated that she was harassed online for getting her Covid vaccine early.

The 30-year-old has Crohn’s disease, which made her eligible to receive the vaccine before the majority of her age group.

Amy, who has been dancing on the BBC show since 2017, has had the disease since she was 11 years old but wasn’t diagnosed until she was 19.

Crohn’s is described by the NHS as a lifelong condition in which parts of the digestive system become inflamed.

People with the disease commonly experience phases of intense abdominal pain, severe vomiting, exhaustion and bloody diarrhoea, among other symptoms.

She spoke to The Mirror about the trolling she received over the vaccine.

Amy Dowden and Karim Zeroual during the opening night of the Strictly Come Dancing Arena Tour 2020

Amy has Crohn’s disease (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

‘I was disappointed. It is just people typing without thinking,’ she told the publication.

The dancer also shared the response she received form the public when she was officially diagnosed with the disease.

Amy explained: ‘I had so many people tell when I got diagnosed, “Oh well it’s going to stop you dancing” and I was a bit like: “How dare they?”

‘It made me even more determined.’

The Strictly Come Dancing star previously said the medication she takes for Crohn’s disease has prompted some people to body shame and abuse her.

In a heartbreaking interview, Amy told Hello! magazine she previously experienced a flare-up and the high dose of intravenous steroids she was given in hospital made her gain weight.

The Welsh star said: ‘Although it made me feel better, it creates water retention, making my hips, thighs and bottom bloat and my face puffy.

‘I want to look my best on the dance floor, but when you get photographed in an unflattering light and people make spiteful comments about your size, it can be very hurtful.’


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