Teen Mom Lexi Tatman, 21, shows off curves in a thong bikini as fiance Kyler Lopez writes ‘I want to touch your butt!’

TEEN Mom Lexi Tatman, 21, showed off her curves while in a thong bikini as fiance Kyler Lopez wrote: ‘I want to touch your butt!’

Lexi took to Instagram and told her followers to “take the ride” with her.

Lexi loved her ‘amazing tan’Credit: Instagram @lexi_actually

Lexi posed in a thong bikini

Lexi posed in a thong bikiniCredit: Instagram @lexi_actually

In the first snapshot, the Young and Pregnant star posed in a sexy leopard swimsuit as she wrapped her arms around a tall tree. 

In the second snap, the Teen Mom star was enjoying herself as she splashed around in a swimming pool.

In the third snap, the reality star teased her “amazing tan” as she posed next to the tall tree again. 

The MTV star shared a quote from Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: “Buy the ticket. Take the ride.”

Kyle wanted to 'touch the butt'

Kyle wanted to ‘touch the butt’Credit: Instagram @lexi_actually

Lexi posed from a swimming pool

Lexi posed from a swimming poolCredit: Instagram @lexi_actually

In all three snaps, Lexi has a white patch on the side of her arm.  

Fiance Kyler Lopez jumped onto the comments section to praise Lex’s booty. 

Kyle wrote: “I so want to touch it. I really do. I want to touch the butt.”

Lexi experienced 'abnormally painful' periods

Lexi experienced ‘abnormally painful’ periodsCredit: Instagram / Lexi Tatman

Lexi appeared to have healed from her “abnormally painful” periods.

Back in May, the TV personality updated her fans from the hospital and revealed she was “scared” of the procedure. 

While wearing a hospital gown, Lexi explained: “wearing a hospital gown, she explained: “Today I had my first surgery! I’ll get straight to the point for those who are just curious, this was exploratory surgery to help better understand why I have painful periods.

Lexi showed off her scars from surgery while posing with Kyler

Lexi showed off her scars from surgery while posing with KylerCredit: Instagram @lexi_actually

“This is your sign to get check as well. You might be wondering why I’m sharing, periods hurt for sure, but sometimes the pain is abnormal.

“It felt like I was in labor every month. I had an ultrasound about 3 weeks ago and had a few abnormalities.”

Despite her concern, Lexi admitted that “it was a super easy and quick surgery” and that she will have “more answers in about 2 weeks.”

Kyler, who proposed back in November of 2020, posed with Lexi to share a few bikini pictures.

Lexi and Kyler sat on a large rock together

Lexi and Kyler sat on a large rock togetherCredit: Instagram @lexi_actually

The Colorado native showed off her surgery scars while wearing a teeny tiny bikini.

In the first snapshot, a small incision could be seen on Lexi’s right hip.

Then in April, Lexi rocked a tiny black dress, while she gazed lovingly at Kyler in the photo.

The two sat on the large rock as they cuddled up together.

The former MTV star wrote: “I asked you guys a little ago what you wanted to start seeing more of, and definitely got great responses!

“Truth is I don’t post a lot and I’d like to change that, between kids, life and work it gets difficult to take photos and post them, but with knowing now what you guys would like to see more of I’d like to change that!”

The couple, who happen to be childhood sweethearts, share two sons: Tobias, three, and Jay, one.

Lexi pictured with Jay and Tobias

Lexi pictured with Jay and TobiasCredit: Instagram @lexi_actually

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