Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra celebrates ’15 years’ with Catelyn Lowell & admits wife makes him feel like a ‘goofy kid’

TEEN Mom star Tyler Baltierra celebrated “15 years” with Catelyn Lowell & admitted his wife has made him feel like a “goofy kid.”

Tyler, 29, shared a sweet snapshot of himself and Catelynn, 29, on Instagram

Tyler said that Catelynn made him feel like ‘we were goofy kids’Credit: Instagram

Catelynn and Tyler celebrated '15 years together'

Catelynn and Tyler celebrated ’15 years together’Credit: MTV

In the snapshot, Tyler jokingly crossed his eyes as Catelynn smiled at the camera.

In celebration of their “15 years together,” Tyler wrote in the caption: “You still make me feel as if we were goofy kids! I love you so much babe.”

In the poetic post, the reality star added: “Staying up talking late at night. Snuggle close right by my side. Hair tickling my nose, I don’t mind. 

“Go ahead, lay down your head. Feel my heartbeat in your hand

Catelynn said she 'simply' adores Tyler 'so much'

Catelynn said she ‘simply’ adores Tyler ‘so much’

Just let me hold you until the night ends.”

In response to his post, Catelynn said in the comments section: “I simply adore you so much!”

The MTV star thanked her husband for “always treating me like a queen.”

Recently, the couple reunited with their oldest daughter, Carly, 12, who they had placed for adoption.

Tyler and Catelynn reunited with Carly

Tyler and Catelynn reunited with CarlyCredit: Twitter

The three were not able to see each other in the past two years due to the pandemic.

The TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit account had shared a tweet from Catelynn and Tyler’s adoption counselor, Dawn Baker.

Dawn tweeted: “Such a fun-filled weekend with a few of my favorite people. @CatelynLowell @TylerBaltierra #12yearvisit #openadoption #love.”

Dawn, Tyler, and Carly posed for a snapshot together.

Brandon, Teresa, Catelynn, Tyler, and Carly gathered together for a group photo

Brandon, Teresa, Catelynn, Tyler, and Carly gathered together for a group photoCredit: MTV/Teen Mom

The TV stars placed Carly up for adoption when they were in high school as they shared their story on 16 And Pregnant.

During the recent Teen Mom reunion, host Dr. Drew claimed that Carly’s adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa are limiting her relationship with the 16 And Pregnant couple. 

Brandon and Teresa allegedly do not want Carly to be in the limelight.

Back in April, Catelynn and Tayler admitted they were both scared of Carly’s adoptive parents because they could take away their relationship with her.

Novalee and Vaeda pictured together

Novalee and Vaeda pictured togetherCredit: Instagram/Tyler Baltierra

During the Teen Mom OG reunion, Tyler said that they “still feel inferior” to Brandon and Teresa “because in the snap of a finger they could take everything away”.

The duo has shared their “gratitude” towards Carly’s adoptive parents for allowing them to spend time with their daughter.

Catelynn and Tyler are also the parents to daughters Novalee, six, and Vaeda, one.

Currently expecting her fourth daughter, Catelynn shared clips of her pregnancy back in May

Catelynn captioned the emotional video: “Our second rainbow baby, she is already so loved.”

The video included a photo of Nova and Vaeda, who are both excited about their upcoming sibling.

Tyler jumped into the comments and wrote: “I love all you girls so much!”

Catelynn is currently expecting her fourth child

Catelynn is currently expecting her fourth childCredit: Instagram

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell says her ‘second rainbow baby’ with husband Tyler Baltierra is ‘already love in emotional video


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