Too Hot to Handle season 2: Fans troll Marvin after he ghosted Melinda

Too Hot to Handle season two might be over, but the drama has continued, as fans have been trolling Marvin Anthony for ghosting Melinda Melrose after cameras stopped rolling.

Marvin was the winner of the $55,000 (£37,000) prize fund – which was slashed from $100,000 (£71,000) – on the steamy Netflix programme and even left the villa with Melinda as his girlfriend.

Sadly during the show’s reunion, Melinda revealed she was eventually ghosted by Marvin.

The pair had organised a trip to Mexico so that they could be reunited but Marvin cancelled his flight after they had a fight.

Melinda said: ‘I booked the Airbnb, I had things planned but of course Marvin and I did get into an argument, that is true. He could have put his big boy pants on and still come but he decided to cancel his whole flight.

‘The day that I was supposed to come he was ignoring my texts, I was texting Chase as well, he ignored me too, I was left in the dark.’

Too Hot to Handle fans aren’t happy that Marvin ghosted Melinda (Picture: Netflix)

The 28-year-old model was left devastated.

‘I was so sad, I wanted to be by myself, I was heartbroken,’ she said.

Fans have not been happy since hearing the news, taking to Twitter, YouTube and Reddit to share their disappointment.

‘It’s pretty clear that the only woman for Marvin is his mom,’ one person wrote in the comment section of the reunion video on YouTube.

‘So Marvin went back to his old ways.? Melinda is gorgeous and deserves better!!!’ said another.

Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose form Too Hot to Handle

Melinda and Marvin left the show girlfriend and boyfriend (Picture: Netflix)

Another viewer added: ‘Marvin is a little snake. He chased all the girls in the villa! Since no one really came on to him, he decided suddenly that he was in love with Mel. Like Mel! Girl how many signs you need to see that “he is just not that into you” not because you aren’t amazing, because you are, he just doesn’t have the maturity.’

Viewers on Reddit and Twitter echoed the sentiments, saying they believed Marvin was just using Melinda so that he could win the competition.

‘Marvin was playing a game on Too Hot To Handle, you can’t convince me otherwise,’ one person Tweeted.

Nah Marvin from Too Hot to Handle is probably the biggest con artist I’ve ever seen. He hoodwinked us all and took the money. He really cried and said I wanted to treat MelinDAH like his mum and we all fell for it looool played the game like a true Crook 🤣🤣🤣

— lula (@thelordbaeIish) July 6, 2021

While watching too hot to handle, I kept saying that Melinda should have gone for Peter. He really wanted to be with her, meanwhile Marvin liked the idea of being with her. Didn’t want to tweet all these thoughts because my opp will think I am running a swirl agenda as always😂👀

— Izz coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@ayitia_b) July 6, 2021

marvin from too hot to handle treated my girl melinda like absolute trash. hoping she’s with peter that’s treated her right since day 1

— jai (@jaimeejara_) July 6, 2021

can someone take back the money from marvin from too hot to handle

— mary bacugan (@maryjodeine) July 6, 2021

Marvin from Too Hot To Handle is scandalous… like babes if you wanted to be famous just say that 🤣

— Miyahhh✨ (@FamousMii) July 6, 2021

I knew Marvin “growth” was FAKE ASL I KNEW IT IN MY GUT! I cnt be mad at him tho, he played the game WELL 😂😂 but this too hot to handle tea im getting is …wow. I need a reunion ASAP

— Deb $o Flo (@DS_finesse) July 6, 2021

Another added: ‘So Marvin apparently is a serial date show contestant?? Like Too Hot To Handle is his 4th??’

Thankfully Melinda mustn’t be too heartbroken, as she and Peter Vigilante have sparked rumours that they’re dating.

She shared a saucy picture of the two of them to Instagram.

Too Hot To Handle season 2: Melinda Melrose and Peter Vigilante

Now rumours are flying Melinda and Peter are dating (Picture: Instagram/petervigilante)

The photo in question is of the pair lying in bed in their underwear, with Marvin having commented a simple ‘congrats’ on the upload.

Peter also shared a loved-up picture of the two of them to his own account and has uploaded videos with Melinda on his TikTok account. has reached out to representatives for comment.

Too Hot to Handle season one and two can be streamed on Netflix.


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