‘What Does Hollywood Get Wrong About Your Home Country?’: 35 People Expose Lazy Writing Stereotypes

We’ve all heard about unrealistic Hollywood beauty standards, impossible-to-attain expectations spilled by the actors, and unrealistic film portrayals that sell fiction for the price of reality.

When you think of it, Hollywood is fueled by cinematic stereotypes that often include race, gender, and social status. Think of Asian characters shown as nerdy, super rich people played by almost exclusively white older men, and women characters used as a pillar for main male characters to grow. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Speaking of the other side of Hollywood’s pathological deficiency in accuracy, we see many bold stereotypes about life and people of other countries. Like, that Irish people constantly drink beer or that Italy is one huge vineyard. And you may guess how annoying it is for people who actually come from there. So when someone asked “What does Hollywood get wrong about your home country?” people across the world had a whole lot to say, so you’d better watch out, Hollywood, and take notes.

That the Americans are always the heroes in an alien invasion. We can’t even handle putting a cloth on our faces during a pandemic how tf are we supposed to handle aliens.

Polar_Bean Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesAmericans are Not actually the voice of reason during a global crisis

joe1000101 Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesThat all us Irish people are alcoholics. I am actually having a beer at the moment but that’s just coincidence. I actually know a guy that doesn’t drink, but he is a bit of a weirdo. Bloody Dave

sugar-soad Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesIf it’s summer in the US, then it’s summer in Russia. I’m not a stickler for truth in movies, but dammit, if you’re showing a sunny summer day in a green-as-can-be Central Park in New York, then there can’t be a blizzard over Red Square in Moscow. Come on people… this is like pre-school level science.

Killdestroy Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesAmerican: Our high school students aren’t in their mid to late twenties.

mikestorm Report

Not every Russian is a gangster, an alcoholic, a sex worker, or a Babushka. MOST are but not everyone.

LillianaErnestLee Report

No one says, “Oh what a jolly good job mate, splendid show, absolutely spiffing.”

It’s more like, “Oh you’re a funny little w*nker aren’t you?”

umpalumpamonkey Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesNot every window have a view on the Eifel Tower. And it’s painfully obvious when they go to shoot a vineyard scene in California to pass for French countryside.

LastRomancer Report

In italy, there isn’t mafia in every city. Only 80% of them.


Hollywood-Country-StereotypesIm australian and i swear every movie I see where a person from america or anywhere else travels to australia they land in sydney or melbourne and its just a few hours drive to “the outback”.

It would take you a day and a half to drive from those places to the outback and that’s only if you don’t stop to eat/get petrol

KermitTheFraud92 Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesWe don’t all live in London, or talk like cockneys or royalty

chewbeccah Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesThat we in Southeast Asia conveniently provide the fruit carts that people in hot pursuit can knock over because we are strategically in the way. Dudes, there is always plenty of space to play chase without crashing.

eternallyks Report

Canada isn’t actually just a frozen Tundra where American Heroes can escape to and live in a log cabin off the grid.

WhiskeyWeekends Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesMost American high schoolers don’t go to a school so small that there’s a single popular group that everyone knows and cares about.

wisebloodfoolheart Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesBritish films often have guns casually yet its very rare to find a gun outside of serious organised crime.

protentiousmoi Report

Hollywood-Country-Stereotypes99% of British people do not talk like they were born in the 18th Century!

Jezza_Jones Report

That every Puerto Rican woman is dark skinned with big butts, wearing hoops in our ears, lining our lips with sharpies, generally uneducated, and utterly psychotic.

anoukdaae Report

Spain: we don’t party all the time, we don’t like bullfighting (most of us don’t), we’re not lazy, we’re not Mexican, we like Mexicans and Mexico but we are from a different country.

drawingmentally Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesBasically Italy is 90% countryside and the cities in the remaining 10% are roman ruins, old houses inhabited by septuagenarians or Venice

Azathoth90 Report

We are TURKS not Arabs! I am not saying that Arabs are bad, I am just saying that taking Turks or Turkic people as they are Arabs are wrong

AegeanusBoi Report

Not EVERYONE in Colombia is part of a drug cartel or mafia and not EVERYWHERE is a poor neighbourhood. We have some pretty nice f**king cities and some famous holiday locations.

That_Nova_Raven_ Report

That we have some sort of cursed mummy thing waiting to happen. Or happening. And that we somehow need a pretty white woman to raise Bast from the dead or something.

[unknown] Report

It’s not cold all the time in Canada. I’m dying here in July it’s been 40C for a long time.

Duckieyupyupyup Report

Hollywood-Country-StereotypesThat the Amazon Rainforest is just a short car ride away from Rio de Janeiro

luhli Report

Everything. Apparently Finnish people speak everything else BUT Finnish and the culture stuff? Swedish…

Jerppaknight Report

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