WWE legend Rey Mysterio wants to ‘leave his stamp’ on Hell In A Cell

WWE superstar Rey Mysterio on SmackDown in June 2021

The Master of the 619 wants to dial it up inside the cell (Photo: WWE)

WWE legend Rey Mysterio steps into his first ever Hell In A Cell match tonight on SmackDown – and he’s excited to ‘bring something new’ to the iconic structure.

The likes of Mankind, The Undertaker, Triple H and more have become synonymous with the formidable match type over the years, and Roman Reigns – the masked superstar’s opponent – delivered an all-time classic inside the cell back in October against his cousin Jey Uso.

Now, Mysterio – whose Universal Championship match was shockingly shifted from the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view onto tonight’s episode of SmackDown – has opened up on his goals for the bout.

He told Metro.co.uk: ‘So, this match is everything new for me. I enjoy [that] but at this stage of my career… I do – I get a little butterflies in my stomach – still for any type of match, for this one a bit more.

‘But I’ve always loved to step in that ring and entertain the fans. That’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna go in there and entertain.

‘But most importantly I do wanna leave that match with my stamp on Hell In A Cell – on my first Hell In A Cell – and my first singles match against Roman Reigns.

‘I’m hoping to bring something new to the table, like I always try to do, and have the fans enjoy it.’

Mysterio admitted he will be getting a better idea about his plans once he sees the cell itself ‘in person’, but he didn’t rule out the option of him risking it all to fly off the roof itself.

‘I don’t see why not,’ he added during a media call before the match itself. ‘I know structures are now different. I’ve never competed in a Hell In A Cell but I’m looking forward tot seeing the structure of the cage.

‘When I’m able to see it in person, that’s when my vision and my thoughts just start unwinding. I’m definitely gonna bring something to the table that is gonna be talked about.’

The former world champion will get to experience Hell In A Cell earlier than he expected after WWE confirmed the match will actually take place tonight on SmackDown.

Mysterio tweeted that he couldn’t wait until Sunday, and Roman was happy to agree to bring the match forward.

Fans will be excited to see how the bout unfolds – and how it will play into this weekend’s show.

*Rey Mysterio faces Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown tonight at 1am on BT Sport. Tune into WWE Hell In A Cell on Sunday (June 20) on the WWE Network.


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