Why Are Some Forms Of Entertainment More Evergreen Than Others?

As technology becomes more and more advanced, it’s hard to believe entertainment would ever go backward. In reality, society has a soft spot for nostalgia. This is why, despite the introduction of technologies like VR and streaming services producing original shows, we still go to cinemas, and we still watch the same movies and play the same games that we did ten, twenty, thirty years ago. Even if it has nothing to do with nostalgia, the truth is that some forms of entertainment, especially games, are more evergreen than others. For instance, games like Temple Run and Pokemon Go were a summer fad, but video games like Call of Duty and FIFA are releasing new installments decades later. Here’s why.

Collaboration With Others / Taking The Game Into The Real World

Targeting multiple demographics is one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of a game or movie. Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, understands this the best, as demonstrated by its multiple collaborations with organizations outside the gaming industry. Partnering with the likes of Ferrari and Balenciaga in both digital and real-world collaborations, Fortnite has remained relevant throughout multiple industries, giving it evergreen status.

New Mediums

Another way that games become evergreen is after a new medium engages with them. One of the best examples of this is the 1978 Japanese video game Space Invaders turning into an online casino slot game. The Space Invaders slot game can be found on bingo sites like Buzz Bingo, and being able to play this variation of the game helps remind fans why they enjoyed this game all those years ago. It also helps attract new fans who spend time on mediums like online casinos to this traditional video game inspired by Star Wars and The War of the Worlds. In other words, the more mediums a game or a variation of a game are on, the longer it remains in the mainstream, which is perhaps why mobile games like Pokemon Go faded into the background: no other mediums took the game on.


All forms of entertainment (games, movies, blog posts) need to be continually relevant to become evergreen. One of the reasons that franchises like FIFA and Madden are still so popular, despite the first FIFA game coming out in 1993, is because gaming developers like Electronic Arts are continually upgrading these games by releasing new installments. The cover art for these games is also always relevant, featuring the latest breakout stars or the current, biggest players in the world. For instance, FIFA 21 features PSG’s Kylian Mbappé and Madden NFL 22 has Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. The two quarterbacks faced off against each other at the 2021 Super Bowl. 

There’s never a guarantee that a movie, book, or game will see commercial success. Even if it does, popularity can fade very quickly as people’s interests change all the time. However, there are a few tricks for how entertainment like games can become evergreen, such as engaging with new mediums and constantly upgrading to stay relevant.  

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