5 Best Social Media Platforms For Digital Growth In 2021

Everyone knows social media is a red-hot marketing strategy for any business in any niche.

In fact, 73 percent of marketers believe their social media marketing efforts are effective for their businesses, making marketing on social media a significant part of a business’ overall marketing plan.

And yet, some small business owners and company startups aren’t sure which social media platform is most appropriate for their businesses. Some of the best social media platforms now include:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. Linkedin
  6. Snapchat

It is quite straightforward; not all social media platforms are effective for each business.  

Everything depends on business goals, for example, target audience, building engagement, brand awareness, or getting more sales.

Choosing the best platform for business social media marketing should not be challenging.

For example, if your target audience is women under 25 years, you need to concentrate your marketing efforts on Instagram since Instagram attracts more women than men. And if your business goal is to connect with other business professionals, then LinkedIn is your best bet.

Aspects to consider when choosing a social media platform to market your business.

When considering a social media platform to market your business, few factors can be noted to yield maximum results.

  • Who is your target audience, or What’s Your niche market?
  • What type of product or service does your company provide?
  • Who is your ideal customer
  • Business goals, is the company looking to create more sales, participate, or build consciousness?
  • Look at your idea customer age blanket.
  • What’s your business type? Are you a B2B or B2C business?

What are the Best social media platforms for business growth?

Let’s dive in.

1. Instagram

Now everybody is familiar with this Instagram. Instagram is among the new platforms in the social media industry with more than 1 Billion active users, and most of its users are below the age of 25.

Instagram is a top-rated social platform where folks share their photos, videos, stories, live events, etc. You get many prospects if your brand aims at individuals under 25years.

Building a massive following of business prospects on Instagram is about frequently posting to build momentum, about 3 to 4 times every day.

Businesses can also do the marketing of goods with the help of Instagram influencers.

To grow your business’s Instagram account, find Instagram pages related to your business, like their posts, or follow them; you can also comment on their articles to get followers interested in your brand products. 

5 Tips to increase your business on your Instagram

Boost your bio: Always optimize your bio to mention who you are as a person, what you do, To whom you work. If you run a blog, youtube channels, or any website, mention the details on your bio.

Have a Brand Strategy: 3 words can help you make a fresh plan effective on Instagram:

  • Consistency 
  • Clarity
  • Congruence  

Consistency means you’re employing a normal routine, frequently posting, responding to the DMS, and also online consistently. All of that will prove that you’re a liable and dependable brand.

Clarity is all about your brand and your style. You ought to be clear about what you do. How you do it, For who you do, and who you have created your page for. 

Additionally, the theme, tone, and design should match your style. 

Congruence is a mixture of clarity and consistency. It’s about the same theme, tone, and design. Confusing someone won’t help you to get in touch with clients and prospects.

Post on feeds and Stories: Feeds can come in Actual Good and tales in Real-Time. 

Meaning whatever post you have made must be added to your feed. That will portray the best brand image.

Stories are real-time activities that help enhance and gain more engagement with your followers.

Use Hashtags (Number): Hashtags are the key to gain prospective followers. Utilize several hashtags on each post. Look for hashtags that your fellow competitors are using, and always utilize trendy hashtags to raise your page.

Time Matters:  Generally, the best time to post on Instagram is one in the morning, another in the afternoon, then at night. Whether you aim at local customers or international, these are the best time to post in your feed. 

2. Facebook 

Get some idea from Great Photo Covers | nike facebook photo cover

Facebook is among the most famous social media platforms, where you can connect with your loved ones and friends.

But also one of those social media platforms where you can start marketing your business or increase your existing business. Facebook is a fantastic free marketing tool for businesses.

You can easily set up your business page, and that page lets your business be identified easily. 

A Facebook page helps you list your product offering and solutions, and you can also share links, pictures, videos, and articles.

5 Tips to increase your business on Facebook 

Add the right profile picture: You need always to put the right profile picture on your Facebook page that reflects your brand identity. 

The picture needs to be 180×180 px, and it should be square. The profile needs to be more visible and clear, so people become drawn to the business. 

Add a wonderful cover photo/ video: A cover photo should be nice and eye-catching that will help your page look appealing. 

Try changing the cover photo seasonally. Once you add something new to your business, check out the trend.

 You can also use a video. It may be 20-90 minutes and should be 820×312 px. 

It’s possible to use canva.com for high-quality images. Canva may also be utilized to make trademarks, edit or create FB profile images, youtube thumbnails, youtube banner ads, and so much more.

Add customized URL:- You can create your custom URL. For instance, facebook.com/yourusername/. If a person searches by your username, your Facebook page will be visible easily. Always ensure that your username fits your business name.

It’s possible to customize your username by clicking on the create page @ username located under your profile picture. If your username is not available, don’t worry; you can go for different options related to your business name.

Add your website link: Add your website link to your Facebook webpage to rank your business high on FB. 

How do you add a website to your webpage? Just go on the left-hand of the page you will see the “page info” click that and then scroll down to find the “add-website” column, and that’s it.

Add a long description on your page: Besides a brief description, you can go for a long description on your page that’s limited to 10,000 characters. It lets you provide more info about your business. 

Be sure to research relevant keywords to add to the description. The best feature that comes with a long description is adding the links to your other social media profiles and web pages. 

3. Twitter 

How To Use Twitter To Network And Promote Sites And Brands

In India, Twitter is largely used by famous individuals, bloggers, or even politicians.

Normal men and women believe it’s not their cup of tea. So they don’t find this social media platform useful. Yet Twitter has become a fantastic social networking platform for entrepreneurs and businesses looking o grow their business in today’s digital era.

Twitter helps individuals to cultivate their businesses nationally and internationally. Twitter is a superb social platform to market your business’s products or services, blog articles, and many more.

You can also incorporate your business website link to a Twitter profile to help you increase your traffic.

5 Tips to grow your business on Twitter 

Use Twitter as search engines: You heard it right; you can utilize Twitter as a search engine. It is fine if you don’t post tweets or anything frequently, but you can search for profiles or trends by entering a specific search term.

You may search for whatever you need, just like you search on google. It is as straightforward as google searching.

Use Twitter to see what’s been said about the competition and your industry: Social Media signifies lots of competition. Social media marketing is quite huge. You can utilize Twitter in real-time to check on the competition. 

If a potential customer gets a poor experience with your competition, that’s a PRIME opportunity to scoop into them and develop a new relationship with that customer.

Start having conversation openly: Among the best Twitter marketing tips is having dialogue openly with your perfect clients.

You must be thinking, how do I find them where to get started? As stated above, Twitter is a search engine, so search for relevant profiles and start your dialog, go with the flow.

The most amazing thing about Twitter is you don’t have to be buddies to initiate a dialog. You can have a dialogue with anybody.  

Use the right hashtags on Twitter: Hashtags are powerful on Twitter too. Hashtags also make it much easier to find the article for those specific topics.

Hashtags help to reach your intended audience. That is why it has been an important tool on Twitter. Remember that don’t use space and punctuations in hashtags. Should you use them, then it won’t work correctly.  

Manage your contact list on Twitter: You can upload your contact information on your Twitter account to find your Twitter contacts. 

You can command your account, whether Twitter utilizes your address book to find your account to others, simply adjusting the settings that let others find you by your email address or contact number.  

4. Pinterest

social media | Pinterest

Many small business owners understand what Pinterest is and use it as one of their favorite social media marketing platforms. Pinterest has over 330 million active users.

Pinterest means Pin=Interest therefore, [pin your interest]. Assume you go to the Pinterest app and search any topic; for instance, you search for “blogging tips” or search “marketing tips,” you’ll get so many pins and information regarding your search term.

So essentially, Pinterest also serves as a search engine. You can also utilize Pinterest to increase your business, blogs, and your creativity.

It’s possible to create your pins and publish them on Pinterest.

How do you utilize Pinterest for marketing? I have mentioned some tips about Pinterest marketing down below.

5 Suggestions to grow business on Pinterest

Create pins: The first thing you’re going to need would be to create pins for your blog post, freebies, classes, etc. 

Anything you’re making, be sure to keep it easy and descriptive.

The text you put into your pins should be apparent and link what the consumers will find when they click it.

It is quite easy to create pins, you may use canva.com or photoshop, but if you can’t create pins on your own, you can also employ someone who has great knowledge about photoshop and Canva.

Join Group Boards: If you need ultimate success on Pinterest, join group boards. Without them, it may take a very long time to build your audience and generate substantial traffic.

What are group boards? It is merely a board where several subscribers allow an assortment of customers to pin their articles on the same board. 

These boards have more and a much larger reach than your board. 

Pinterest has also recently added a petition to join on the plank, so whenever you see any of the words “join” on the board, be sure to click it. 

Please take your time gathering as numerous board groups as possible and then request to join them.

Optimize your account and pins: Pinterest gives a variety of choices to supercharge your pins. 

To begin with, start with rich pins. Rich hooks pull additional data from the link and include it inside the pin, such as cost, ingredients, recipes, etc., from the blog article. 

This is going to make your pins more complete and persuasive to click. Pinterest focuses on the description. Avoids hashtags and research relevant keywords for your pins.

You may also optimize your account by switching it to a business profile. This allows you to create paid pins for promotion purposes.

Invite other people to save your pins: Be sure visits to your business site are encouraged to pin your articles from the website with the help of social share buttons. If someone reads your blogs and they enjoy it that they can pin it to Pinterest too.  

Be busy on Pinterest, post your articles frequently; keep checking on your viewers, their issues, and which content they enjoy the best. This is the best way to help them solve it.

So automatically, they’ll pin your articles. Having visitors pin your posts is essential in getting more visitors to your business.

Be sure you have a social sharing button on each blog post. If you’re using WordPress, you can add numerous plugins to help with this, and Squarespace also contains social sharing automatically added.

Track your visitors: Finally, the last step is to monitor your visitors using Pinterest and google analytics. 

When it comes to business analysis, each metric is super important and can scale your growth. 

Employing in-app Pinterest analytics or google analytics, you can see exactly which pin brings more visitors to your website.

When you have identified what those pins are, you can double down by pinning them more frequently.

If you have identified the pins that are not driving you any traffic, consider changing their design, enhancing the clarity of text, rewriting your description, making them more simple and aesthetic, or simply re-pinning them to new boards.  

By following these baby steps, you can easily increase the total amount of targeted visitors to your business website. 

So never skip creating a pin for each new bit of your articles and keep searching for a Pinterest board plank to combine as they provide the most valuable approach to your articles.

5. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an online social networking platform that connects professionals on the internet.

LinkedIn is essentially used to find jobs from across the planet, so it is simple to set up your profile and upload your cv or resume.

LinkedIn not only makes it possible to find a new project, but it can also help your business increase leads and sales. By using LinkedIn, you locate highly targeted clients and relations. 

You can post high-quality articles on LinkedIn and also share your articles frequently on your LinkedIn platform.

Nowadays, LinkedIn has been the fifth most popular social networking platform for businesses. So here are a few strategies to market your business on LinkedIn. 

5 tips for growing your business on LinkedIn

Be sure that you complete your profile: Many business owners set up their LinkedIn profile but may fill out half or maybe finish a hundred percent predicated on LinkedIn phrases, but you have to make it persuasive and include advanced applications.

Your profile should tell people who you are, everything you can do, who you help, and who you helped.  

Share your entire story in your profile. Your profile will be your private storyboard where people may find you and stay updated on your activity.

Connect with everybody: Make sure you connect with everybody, don’t just connect with your private connection that you already understand but get started branching out and reaching out to new people that you wish to associate with, men and women in the same industry, and folks in the local market.

Attempt to get in touch with interesting individuals; the more you expand and grow your Linkedin network, the more opportunities for you.

Be sure to endorse and recommend others: The best way to receive recommendation and approval on LinkedIn would be to provide them first.

So start going through your close college friends or colleagues. Start endorsing the skills that they have and start recommending them by leaving a small message on their profile that is Testimonial so other folks can see how great a project they are in their business.

Be sure that you create your own targeted LinkedIn group: Create your targeted group in your LinkedIn; for instance, you can create a group called (your group name ) industry network, and you may have a hundred or even thousand connections from the same industry or person who does the same job as you can from around the world.

This enables you to influence your industry, and it permits you to send messages to all of your connections, providing you with more traffic, more leads, and more sales for your business. So be sure you create your own personal and distinctive LinkedIn group.

Be sure that you optimize your profile to get higher search rankings: So just like on Google, you want to optimize your website for SEO keywords for your business and wish to do the same thing on LinkedIn. Individuals are searching every single day for jobs, experts, advisers, accountants, web designers.

It would help if you were certain you add relevant or specific keywords throughout your entire profile; as soon as you do, you’ll start to see your profile and your name move until LinkedIn’s rankings. 

What exactly are you waiting for? Go head over to a LinkedIn profile, log in right now, and follow these five steps and start growing your company.


So that is it; all these are my 5 greatest social media platforms for your business. I hope you learned something new, and these tips will help you grow your business.

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