Improve 10 essential areas of your business, with enthusiasm

That’s not just a catchy headline. I’m going to share an idea with you that can help you improve your results, starting pretty-much instantly.

It starts with a really important question. How enthusiastic are you about your business?

Here’s why your answer to that question is so important: People can tell almost immediately, if you’re enthusiastic or not. And that matters! It matters because is has an immediate impact on how they feel about you, your business and the service you provide.

Allow me to explain.

Enthusiasm makes things happen

When you speak (or write) with enthusiasm, people feel more positively about you. Enthusiastic business owners exude confidence, which is essential. Think about it — we only hire people or buy from them, if we have confidence in them.

Someone once told me that their definition of making a sale, was: ‘The transfer of enthusiasm’. That’s a great example of just how essential enthusiasm is to the success of your business.

And when you speak with enthusiasm, people listen more attentively, too. They’re drawn in. You sometimes notice their body language change, as they lean forward because they’re paying attention. And this happens in seconds.

All these benefits of enthusiasm, and more, combine to create an immediate, positive impact. In a moment I list 10 areas where this can help you improve your results.

A lack of enthusiasm makes things happen, too

When enthusiasm is lacking, people are less motivated by you. They pay less attention to what you say, because your lack of enthusiasm is talking louder than the words you use.

I experienced this recently, talking to a business owner. She was saying positive things about what she wanted to achieve with her business, yet she was clearly lacking in enthusiasm. And it sucked all the confidence and impact from her words. I honestly can’t recall much of what she said. Just her total lack of enthusiasm.

Unleash your enthusiasm

Here are 10 ways you can improve your results, by letting your enthusiasm shine through everything you do.

  1. It will generate more sales, as you ‘transfer your enthusiasm’.
  2. It will improve perceptions of you, your business and the service you provide.
  3. It will encourage the people around you. This super-valuable trait is common to every great leader.
  4. It will inspire confidence in you and what you do.
  5. It will attract opportunities that you wouldn’t have previously been offered.
  6. It will attract the best clients, too.
  7. It will position you in the marketplace, as ‘one to watch’.
  8. It will energize you and everything you do.
  9. It will motivate people to recommend you to their friends.
  10. And it will make you happier with your business, which further boosts your enthusiasm, and amplifies all those great benefits, (and more)!

Okay. So, not everyone reading this is brimming with enthusiasm right now.

This begs the question…

What if you’re not feeling enthusiastic?

Think of it like this. You’re the business owner. So, you’re in control. This means you have the freedom, starting right now, to build a business that enthuses you. A business that excites you on every level.

Remember, you choose where you work. You choose who your clients or customers are. You even choose what you charge. This means you get to decide where you work, who you work for and how much money you make.

So, if your current business doesn’t cause you to feel enthusiastic, build it into a business that does.

You can do it, my friend.

I know, because I see it happening every day with my clients.

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