Beautician warns you need to clean lash extensions DAILY as she shows grim buildup which left a woman with bald lids

THIS beautician has warned lash-lovers of the dangers of not cleaning eyelash extensions.

The lash technician showed a clip of what can happen if lashes aren’t cleaned regularly, and the footage is stomach-churning. 

If you don’t clean your lashes, build up of dirt and makeup becomes an issueCredit: @ipsbeauty/TikTok

Lash tech and Tiktok user Ipek showed her client’s lashes after four weeks of build up, and it’s enough to encourage anyone to keep their extensions squeaky clean.

In the video, Ipek asserts that you need to clean your lash extensions every day.

This is for a number of reasons, both medical and aesthetic. 

She says daily cleaning is required “to reduce the risk of infections such as blepharitis” and “to reduce the risk of styes”.

Ipek shows how her client's natural lashes were impacted by the dirty extensions

Ipek shows how her client’s natural lashes were impacted by the dirty extensionsCredit: @ipsbeauty/TikTok

Daily cleaning is also simply required to keep your natural lashes healthy and to keep your extensions looking gorgeous. 

Ipek stresses: “It’s for your safety! Please follow your technician’s aftercare at all times!!”

In her next video, the lash tech shows how she attempted to clean the build-up of make-up and dirt off her client’s lids.

She says: “The dirt and makeup is so matted into the lashes that cleaning them does not work past this point.

Ipek attempted to wash the lashes gently

Ipek attempted to wash the lashes gentlyCredit: @ipsbeauty/TikTok

“It’s gross! Please clean your lashes!”

Even after gently cleaning the lashes, Ipek could see that her client’s natural lashes were coming out of her lids along with her extensions. 

Speaking to The Sun, Dr Sarah Jarvis GP and Clinical Director of gave her insight into inflamed eyelids.

Dr Sarah said: “Blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelids, is a common and very uncomfortable condition. It can lead to puffy, red eyelids, discharge and flaking skin and sore, gritty eyes.

“While it’s rarely dangerous, it is not easy to get rid of and can take several months to settle down.”

But even after washing, the extensions were unsalvageable

But even after washing, the extensions were unsalvageableCredit: @ipsbeauty/TikTok

The lash extensions were damaged and took a toll on the client's natural lashes

The lash extensions were damaged and took a toll on the client’s natural lashesCredit: @ipsbeauty/TikTok

Dr Sarah explained that the condition “can make you prone to developing styes or losing your eyelashes”, and that in rare cases it can lead to a medical emergency, with “inflammation of the eyeball itself, severe pain, redness and changes to your vision”.

“Regular eyelid hygiene, with a combination of warmth, gentle massage and cleaning is the standard treatment for blepharitis. You can find out more about how to do this at“, Dr Sarah advised.

Ipek’s videos have racked up millions of views, and commenters couldn’t believe just how dirty the client’s eyelashes were.

“Why don’t people clean them, it’s so simple”, said one viewer, while another agreed: “I don’t understand why there are women out there who do not clean their eye lashes! Please explain!!”

“This makes me cry”, one commenter wrote.

One viewer asserted: “People who can’t clean their eye lash extensions shouldn’t be allowed to wear them.”

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