Distraught woman shares epic balayage fail after hairdresser leaves bleached locks ‘steaming’

GETTING your hair done has been top of the to-do list ever since salons reopened following lockdown, but for one woman her trip to the salon left her distraught.

Instead of leaving with a fresh-looking head of hair and her colour revived, the beauty fan claims her locks were in “worse condition” following her appointment.

One girl was left mortified after she says her hairdresser botched their blonde balayageCredit: TikTok

TikTok user @_coco_04xo revealed she was left with her hair looking nothing like she had wanted in a video she shared online.

She had wanted blonde balayage and even shared a picture of her request, but she says her hairdresser still botched the job.

Going into her hair appointment, she had wanted to recreate the honey coloured balayage she’d had back in 2019, but instead was left with shocking roots and her hair “steaming”.

The girl shared a before photo of her hair and one of the chic style she’d previously had, writing: “This was my hair Saturday morning, I went into the salon asking for balayage.

They had requested similar to a style they'd previously had in 2019

They had requested similar to a style they’d previously had in 2019Credit: TikTok

Instead, the girl was left with a block colour and claims her hair was left "steaming"

Instead, the girl was left with a block colour and claims her hair was left “steaming”Credit: TikTok

She said her hair was in the "worst condition" after her salon visit

She said her hair was in the “worst condition” after her salon visitCredit: TikTok

The roots were shocking, with the girl revealing she reported the hairdresser

The roots were shocking, with the girl revealing she reported the hairdresserCredit: TikTok

“This was my hair in 2019… this is what I showed the hairdresser what I wanted.”

Posting a photo of the dye-job gone wrong, the girl was left with an orange-tinted blonde colour all over her and chunky roots towards the top of her head.

“And this was the ‘balayage’ she left me with… my head was steaming,” the girl claimed.

“She didn’t even try to blend it, instead she bleached my whole head and left my hair in the worst condition.”

Not surprisingly, the girl wasn’t happy with the major fail and revealed that she’d reported the hairdresser who had tackled her locks, after seeing the finished result.


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Woman mortified after hairdresser leaves her with horrific dye fail


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