Girl furious after splashing out £60 on botched lash extensions which look like ‘toddler stuck on pieces of string’

THERE’S nothing better than a fresh set of lashes to get you feeling your best and your eyes to really pop.

They’re the ultimate finishing touch to your war paint, but there’s plenty of times where a girl’s quest for the perfect set of lashes has ended in disaster.

One girl had been hoping for a full set of long fluffy lashes while getting extensionsCredit: Tiktok / joseaguilar13456

Take one girl who splashed out $85 (around £60) on eyelash extensions only to be told they look like a “toddler has stuck them on with a piece of string”.

TikTok user @joseaguilar13456 shared their sister’s horror lash job online and revealed that the extensions were nothing like she had hoped they would be.

Sharing snaps of full, long and fluffy lashes, they teased: “How my sister thought her lash extensions were gon look vs how they turned out (sic).”

Revealing the cost of the botched job in the caption of their video, that has been watched over 79k times, they then shared a picture of the finished result.

In reality she was left with lashes that looked like a "toddler had put them on with string"

In reality she was left with lashes that looked like a “toddler had put them on with string”Credit: Tiktok / joseaguilar13456

They were a far cry from the lash extensions she had been hoping for

They were a far cry from the lash extensions she had been hoping forCredit: Tiktok / joseaguilar13456

Not only were the lashes uneven, but they were sparsely attached to her natural lashes, spindly and definitely not the full lashes she was expecting.

People were horrified by the poorly-done treatment, with one person commenting: “Those are PIECES OF A BROOM MAAM.”

Another fumed: “Omg my two year old could have stuck on pieces of string like that.”

A third was left completely shocked as they wrote: “I literally thought it couldn’t be that bad but it is.”

One more was baffled by the shape of the lashes, adding: “STOP WHY ARE THEY STRAIGHT.”

“It’s like they got flat ironed,” posted another.

Others were seen urging the girl to try and get a refund from the beautician who had botched the job, with the brother revealing: “She refused to give her her money back.”

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