Mum claims her 30-minute shaving foam trick will heal your sunburn

FEELING a bit burnt? With the way the sun’s blazing at the moment, you’re not alone, but that doesn’t make the pain any easier.

Now one mum has revealed her surprising hack for relieving sunburn in just half an hour, using something you may already have in your bathroom cupboard.

Mum Cindie Allen-Stewart claims shaving foam made her sunburn ‘disappear’Credit: Facebook / Cindie Allen-Stewart

 She slathered Gilette's menthol shaving foam on her painful burns

She slathered Gilette’s menthol shaving foam on her painful burnsCredit: Facebook / Cindie Allen-Stewart

Cindie Allen-Stewart, from the US state of Texas, slathered her back in menthol shaving foam – and claims it made the burns “disappear”.

The stay-at-home mum, 36, also shared pics of her back before-and-after using the treatment – and the results are pretty impressive.

Posting on Facebook, where the tip has gone viral with 219,000 shares, she revealed her husband shared the home remedy with her, after his mum learnt it from a doctor.

Her mother-in-law thought it was “crazy” until she tried it for herself, but now the whole family’s converted.

 This pic shows the after effects of the half-hour treatment, which she did twice

This pic shows the after effects of the half-hour treatment, which she did twiceCredit: Facebook / Cindie Allen-Stewart

 Cindie bought this shaving foam on Amazon, because she couldn't find any in stores

Cindie bought this shaving foam on Amazon, because she couldn’t find any in storesCredit: Facebook / Cindie Allen-Stewart

“First, buy you some menthol foam shaving cream. It has to be foam and it has to have menthol in it,” Cindie wrote.

She recommends using a Gillette cream which she bought on Amazon, after struggling to find any in-store.

She added: “Next, apply the shaving cream on the burn. It may seem like it’s a strange shaving ritual, but trust me!

“Don’t rub it in, just let it sit on your skin. It will start bringing all that heat out (you’ll be able to feel it).

“You may feel like you are itchy too, but that’s a good thing! Itching means healing.

Is there any science behind this?

  • The best solution to sunburn is to avoid getting it in the first place, by wearing sunscreen.
  • If that fails, you will want to soothe those burns – and fast.
  • There’s no scientific evidence that shaving cream works as a sunburn remedy.
  • BUT it is thought products containing menthol can help soothe burns.
  • Dermatologist Dr Jonette Keri previously told HuffPost that menthol is “natural cooling and feel(s) good to the skin”.
  • While Dr Jessica Krant said menthol helps take the heat away from sunburn because it evaporates fast.

“Then, after about 30 minutes, the shaving cream will seem like it has dissolved in spots.

“It will seem like it’s not as moist and a little dried out.

“You will feel as if you’re becoming a little cold, at least on the sunburned part of your body. THAT IS A GOOD SIGN!

“Next, rinse it off in a lukewarm or cool shower or bath. It’s just to get the residue off.

“Finally, if you still need it, do it again the next day. Usually after that second treatment, the sunburn disappears.”

 Cindie swears by using Gillette on her burns

Cindie swears by using Gillette on her burns

Cindie added: “I slept great after the first treatment and, when my shoulders still felt hot from the burn the next day, I had another coating of shaving cream on just my shoulders.

“I have not had any peeling either. I use this on my kids too!”

She also updated the post after it went viral, writing: “I guarantee that all three pictures are me and this is MY result each time”.

If you want to try the hack at home, we recommend using the Gillette Series Sensitive Cool Shave Foam.

But make sure you pick up some SPF 50 while you’re at it!

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