Stylist rescues woman’s hair after horror bleach job left it SNAPPING OFF & the before-and-after speaks for itself

A HAIRDRESSER has shared how she turned her client’s super-damaged hair into dazzling, silky blonde tresses after it was destroyed in a “nightmare appointment”. 

The client’s hair was “snapping off” but people are saying the transformation is “a miracle” and the results are “perfect”.

Her client’s hair had ‘snapped off’ because of bleachCredit: Tiktok / hannahkellyhair

Tiktok user and hairdresser Hannah Kelly shared the clip with her followers and quickly got a lot of attention for her incredible work.

In the video, we can see Hannah’s client’s hair has broken and snapped off, leaving her with hair that is several different lengths.

Hannah says: “Oh my god, her hair has literally snapped off because of bleach.”

The client also has long roots and uneven colour in her hair.

Commenters say Hannah has 'performed a miracle'

Commenters say Hannah has ‘performed a miracle’Credit: Tiktok / hannahkellyhair

Hannah explains: “We’re also dealing with super long regrowth and a yellow-orange band.”

She adds that this damaged hair is the result of a “nightmare appointment” with another hairdresser. 

Showing the amazing results, Hannah says that she thinks the colour isn’t “100% perfect”, but her viewers disagree.

The video has amassed over 600,000 views, and commenters were amazed by hairdresser Hannah’s skills. 

“Amazing job babe”, wrote one impressed viewer, while a second agreed: “That’s an amazing difference. Beautiful.”

Viewers couldn't believe the transformation Hannah had achieved

Viewers couldn’t believe the transformation Hannah had achievedCredit: Tiktok / hannahkellyhair

“Girl is beautiful I’m obsessed with it and it disguised the breakage so well”, added a third.

One said: “Omg a million times better and a more classy colour.”

“You just performed a miracle”, one viewer remarked.

“It looks god damn amazing I think it’s perfect”, agreed one stunned commenter. 

Many commenters said their hair was also breaking off from bad bleach treatments.

“I’ve had hairdressers ruin my hair too. Ended up spending the last three years growing it out and cutting most of it off”, one commenter confessed. 

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